Custom programmes are unique educational solutions aimed at developing the potential of key employees of the company and realizing its strategic goals.

Whatever the task of the business - from building a system of employees’ motivation to developing a global presence and complex transformation of the company, we develop custom programmes for organizations, groups and top-managers to make them operate successfully even in changing conditions.

Digital transformation

Nowadays, the competition of the developed countries comes at the expense of the "knowledge economy": the main income depends on intellectual capital, and material production is located in countries with cheap resources. There is a sharp shift of values from real space to virtual or digital. Physical production sites should either adapt flexibly and quickly to new orders, or earn from the implementation of projects in cooperation with partners.

Digital transformation is not happening somewhere in the future, it’s happening right now in present time, and for many companies, a delay in mastering the digital economy will lead to a slow death.

Operational efficiency

High-tech production, ubiquitous automation, emergence of products that change purchasing behaviour, fierce competition of manufacturing companies for innovative leadership are a real challenge for modern managers living in the era of the forth industrial revolution. It requires a solid foundation such as a transparent management system aimed at continuous efficiency growth and cost reduction, as well as flexible business processes capable of rapid change for a business to develop. The programme is aimed at identifying and eliminating the typical signs of inefficiency: high staff costs, uncontrolled resource costs, warehouse procurement, freezing of funds, the emergence of unprofitable products and duplication of operations.

Personal transformation

All experts and top managers need help with building their own development strategy and determining career guidance. SKOLKOVO programmes help to define goals, set priorities and to understand what an incentive for the personal development can be.

We also offer professional mentoring programmes aimed at functional development of each top manager in an individual format.

Project management

The practice of successful organizations shows that they never blindly implement what was brought from the outside, but always adapt innovations to their own needs. Therefore, it is important to know what the principles of successful project management are and what needs to be done to make them work. Moreover, it’s important to determine, when and under what conditions they stop working.

The programmes introduce participants to modern methods of project management and best practices in this area and prepare them for effective planning and coordination, team management and risk management, as well as achieving project goals.

Strategy development

How to approach the issue of creating and rethinking the company's strategy development in the world of globalization while changing the external factors of the business environment? What are the main factors of success or failure of the chosen course? How to make sure that the adopted strategy is actually implemented?

The peculiarity of SKOLKOVO programmes is a global approach and implementation of real projects of organizational changes in the management system. Training takes place through practice by involving managers of various businesses and key experts.

Humanitarian practices for business

A person who is seriously immersed in business often stops reading fiction, regularly attending the cinema, thinking about abstract topics — there is simply not enough time for it. However, all of that helps not only to understand what is happening within the surrounding reality, but also to learn to think critically, to ask the right questions and to remember that the world is not limited to your perspective.

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