• MBA Programmes

    International business education for managers and business owners that helps to systematise management skills and join the SKOLKOVO community.

    There are three types of international MBA programmes offered by Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO: MBA, and Executive MBA

  • Entrepreneurial Programmes

    Educational programmes for new and emerging entrepreneurs and managing owners of SMEs. This segment includes programmes for businesses at all stages of their development: from a start-up to a medium-sized company entering international markets. The programmes are structured based on the "learning through action" principle, and include theoretical blocks, practical tasks, project work, game practice and international modules.

  • Programmes for young professionals

    The foundation of programmes for young professionals is the Moove programme and the master's programmes based on it. They offer students an opportunity to create innovative products using modern technologies. The training focuses on work to launch a product from scratch: from the idea to the first sales. In the course of their work, students gain managerial knowledge, develop soft skills, and build a career path.

    The training enables graduates to develop, market and manage a product both within a corporation and in their projects.

  • Open Programmes

    Open Enrollment programmes are an opportunity to discover the world of business education in a convenient format. They help students from different backgrounds and industries improve their management skills across a wide range of topics.

  • Online programmes

    Personal and business development programmes that can be completed online from anywhere in the world.

  • Research Centre Programmes

    The business school has developed a system of institutes and research centres that not only conduct consulting and research activities, but also develop industry-specific educational programmes.

  • Corporate Programmes

    Corporate programmes are tailor-made educational solutions aimed at developing the potential of key employees of a company and implementing its strategic goals.


    Master in Management Analytics teaches business the language of analytics. The programme is for training new generation managers. It gives a strategic vision of company development through the use of data, analytical tools, and its application in functional areas, including marketing, supply chain, finance, pricing. Programme participants will gain knowledge of building data-driven businesses through project implementation. 

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