Academic Division is the intellectual centre of SKOLKOVO Business School, which is responsible for the development of the educational and research agenda.

Our aim is to introduce an academic communication platform, attract internationally recognised professors and researchers, develop Russian experts, search for topics at the intersection of academic experience and business practice, and generate new ideas. We strive to create relevant knowledge and expertise for those who stake on Russia and emerging markets.

  • 10 institutes and research centres
  • 150+ internationally recognised professors
  • 1,300+ experts
  • Books & Scientific databases
  • Institutes and research centres

    The business school incorporates a number of institutes and research centres that are at the forefront of functional and industry expertise. They carry out applied research and implement consulting projects, develop new educational programmes, and help shape the business school’s intellectual agenda.

  • Professors and experts

    More than 150 professors from the world’s leading business schools teach in our school. The school’s expert network unites more than 1,300 professionals who act as speakers in educational programmes and experts in research projects. We stake on the development of our own professorship, capable of working at the intersection of academic experience and current business practice.

  • Researches

    Our researches are aimed at solving urgent business challenges faced by entrepreneurs and executives in Russia and around the globe. We conduct in-depth research of Russian business and prepare educational materials and business cases that bring real practice to educational programmes.

  • Partnerships

    We collaborate with international business schools, universities, associations and communities, as cooperation with the best in our field is the only foundation for building the best business school. Our joint academic programmes and research projects promote cooperation and understanding between Russia and the world.


Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO has launched several digitally-driven projects to ensure a variety in the learning process, as well as continuous access to educational materials, individual and group discussions. The technology enhanced learning (TEL) programme is actively used to internationalise our product portfolio, as well as to gamify and customise learning objectives.

  • Simulators

    Customised business simulations developed by the SKOLKOVO team have proven their effectiveness in academic programmes for executives. Five comprehensive management simulations have been developed in recent years, reflecting the problems of emerging markets and the specific needs of Russian companies. SKOLKOVO business simulations are part of academic programmes, covering more than 2000 participants a year, and are also widely used in other universities and foreign educational organisations. Simulations and games remain the school’s key competencies as they provide the best and most affordable education in the field of management for a broad spectrum of students.

  • Canvas

    All school’s programmes actively use Canvas. This system provides students with continuous access to all learning materials. Besides, the school uses the LMS to collect feedback and automate various assignments, tests, and quizzes.

  • E-learning

    E-learning is another priority of the school. The school’s lecturers have developed several online courses with a blended approach to learning. SKOLKOVO MOOC platform ( offers open online courses, while students enrolled in degree programmes can access a special introductory online module.

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