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The SKOLKOVO Business School has always been a unique environment, a place of power where students and alumni gain knowledge, share experience, and make new connections. In today’s uncertain times, relevant knowledge and practical solutions can be of great help to entrepreneurs.

By participating in the Next Step initiative, you enable the best and most promising applicants to receive grants to study at the SKOLKOVO Business School and for the business school to create disruptive online programmes adapted to the new reality.

We are all faced with unprecedented challenges, but we can rise to them if we unite our efforts. It’s time to act!

President’s message

Andrei Sharonov

President of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

The past year was a test for all of us. Nevertheless, we have used that time to become better and stronger, to make our programmes more interesting and relevant than ever. The results we accomplished in the challenging year of 2020 are impressive: we entered the top 50 of the Financial Times ranking of corporate programmes (for the first time in our history); the SKOLKOVO Practicum Development of Entrepreneurship in Russia programme won the EFMD 2020 Excellence in Practice award in the special Ecosystem Development category of the business case competition.

Today the business school is gradually getting back to normal. However, the pandemic persists, and our mission—developing people able to develop themselves, the country, and the world—is more relevant than ever.

Last year, we launched the Next Step initiative and, thanks to the support of our alumni, raised more than 11 million roubles. We have used the money to train entrepreneurs who run small and medium-sized businesses and to purchase advanced equipment for the business school, in particular, for our GLASSROOM studios. I am so proud of our unique community of alumni—a community of driven people who care. Many of you have become volunteers. You help one another during this difficult period. On behalf of the entire staff of the business school and its founders, I would like to thank you all for your invaluable support. You have proven: a business school is as strong as its alumni. 

Starting this year, we intend to hold the Next Step grant campaign on an annual basis. I invite you to join this initiative and give a chance to study at the business school to the best and most promising applicants that we, together with the grant sponsors, are going to select on a competitive basis.

This can change the country and the world for the better. Let’s make a difference!

I wish you and your loved ones health and strength!

Support options:

  • Help those who are starting their own business

    Even in difficult times like these, there are people who are driven by inner energy and desire to offer the market new products and services.

    Young entrepreneurs will be able to receive grants and start training under the Startup Academy programme as early as in June 2020.

    Learn more about the programme here

  • Help those who are going global

    Russia accounts for only 2% of the global consumer demand. At the same time, the country’s main markets are oversupplied. The pandemic and global competition pose a challenge to our businesses—they need to think beyond borders, and the only way to develop is to go global.

    To date, there aren’t many ready-to-use well-documented tools and real-life cases of global non-resource-exporting Russian companies. This is why the SKOLKOVO Business School has developed the Practicum Global Shift programme as a way to create its own tool for business globalisation and develop a culture of global thinking in the country.

    Learn more about the programme here

  • Help those who are introducing digital changes

    Recent global processes have become a powerful catalyst for digital transformation. Today, any company that wishes to dominate the market needs to be able to collect, interpret and manage digital data. To help businesses develop these competencies, the business school developed the CDTO 2.0 programme.

    Learn more about the programme here

  • Help women reach new heights

    Every year, more and more women become top managers of various companies and representatives of government bodies. We have developed a unique programme for female leaders to help them gain knowledge and methodically build their social capital in order to use it as a lever for further growth.

    We invite you to support future students of the FLOW: Female Leaders Opportunities and Wholeness

    Learn more about the programme here

  • Help develop the school education system

    The transformation of schooling has significantly accelerated since the beginning of the pandemic. Many secondary schools, however, found themselves totally unprepared for such rapid changes. Our goal is to develop secondary school management teams.

    The practice-oriented educational programme will help school leaders and management teams develop a transformation project—from concepts to strategies and designs of educational programmes—as well as change and develop personal strategising and management skills.

    Together we can make our education system better!

    Learn more about the programme here

  • Help develop the higher education system

    The pandemic and accelerated digital transformation have forced the higher education system to promptly adapt to the new reality, keeping pace with the changes. The new conditions have influenced the model of university and of higher education as a whole, administrative and pedagogical activities. The requirements of the modern world, the market and stakeholders for university education have also changed significantly. The Rectors’ School programme helps to reconstruct the model of university, train managers who are ready to develop universities and take on the task of designing a fundamentally new vision of a higher education institution and organising effective management processes.

    Learn more about the programme here

  • Help develop the healthcare system

    Over the past year, we realised how much our lives depend on the quality of healthcare services and competent management in this area.

    The Healthcare Management: Leaders of Change programme aims to educate future leaders of change in the area of healthcare in order to create effective medical businesses.

    Learn more about the programme here

What we have accomplished

  • from 500 to 2.3 mln roubles—the amounts contributed by 95% of the donors—alumni and students
  • >11.2
    mln roubles
  • 2.5
  • 221
  • In late March, the business school launched Anti-Fragility 2020, a series of weekly open online conferences on the most pressing topics.
  • 20
  • 100+
    experts and top managers
  • >300
    thousand views
  • In early spring, the business school opened the Glassroom, a virtual classroom space for online classes that can be joined from anywhere in the world.
  • 1st
    classroom of this format in Russia and Eastern Europe
  • 6+
    interactive formats of attendee participation
  • 80
    participants in the classroom simultaneously
  • We run free webinars on relevant topics: change management, opportunities for start-ups and associated risks, remote team management, mental health, business transformation in the time of the coronavirus pandemic, children’s education, and others.
  • 25
    webinars per month
  • 30+
    webinars in the works
  • In 2010, we launched the SKOLKOVO Grant Fund. More than 150 students from all over Russia passed the competitive selection and got the opportunity to study under the SKOLKOVO MBA, Startup Academy, and Junior Startup Academy programmes.
  • 150+
    participants received grants
  • >3.5
    mln dollars allocated from the grant fund
Support the initiative

Global practice shows that the development of business schools is impossible without the regular support of its alumni and partners. Donation culture is our mission to ensure sustainability and mutual support in the business community. By leaving your contact information, you give us the opportunity to thank you personally.

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