Centers of Research & Expertise

Academic Division

SKOLKOVO School of Management is a centre of expertise and attraction for those who stake on Russia and work in emerging markets.

The school of management includes institutes and research centres that study topical problems in various economic sectors, deliver consulting services, develop educational programmes, and also contribute to the formation of the school's intellectual agenda as a whole.

  • SKOLKOVO Institute for Emerging Market Studies

    The Centre contributes to the comprehensive and harmonious integration of Russia into the world economy, forms a deeper understanding of Russia by the international business community as a promising market and a global player, and also facilitates Russian business in attracting investors and entering international markets.

  • SKOLKOVO Executive Coaching, Career and Development Centre

    The Centre’s mission is to help people and organisations to deal with professional challenges at every stage of their lives.

  • SKOLKOVO Energy Centre

    The Centre is an independent platform for supporting the formation of the balanced energy policy and a qualified industry consultant on improving regulation in the fuel and energy sector.

  • SKOLKOVO Education Development Centre

    The Centre forms new approaches and disseminates best education management practices in Russia and the world.

  • SKOLKOVO Wealth Transformation Centre

    The Centre promotes entrepreneurship in Russia through the creation of legal and educational infrastructure and operates at the intersection of such areas as asset management, continuity and charity.

  • SKOLKOVO Healthcare Development Centre

    The Centre’s main objectives are to conduct research in the field of effective management, economics and informatisation of the Russian health care system, as well as develop and implement academic programmes that will allow to develop professional executives in the health sector.

  • SKOLKOVO Centre for Data-driven Management

    The centre is engaged in the implementation of educational and research programmes, as well as consulting in digital transformation, analytics, and artificial intelligence. The centre's mission is to provide leaders of Russian and foreign business with the necessary training to overcome barriers to digital transformation in which only a small number of companies are currently successful.

  • SKOLKOVO-NES Centre for Research in Financial Technologies and Digital Economy

    The Centre allows to obtain an independent, comprehensive view of topical issues of the cashless economy and financial innovation based on research and expertise. The Centre’s mission is to provide a basis for sustainable development of the Russian financial system.

  • SKOLKOVO Centre for Negotiation and Network Studies

    The Centre’s mission is to embed a network dynamics-based whole new approach into the business environment and introduce our cultural authenticity to global negotiation processes, as well as to contribute to the development of the scientific and academic community. The creation of the Centre was initiated by professors Moti Crystal and Marat Atnashev, while Ruben Vardanyan was the mastermind of the project.

  • SKOLKOVO Centre for Sustainable Development

    The centre is a platform for further promoting the sustainable development agenda in Russia and the world, training new ESG leaders, conducting internationally significant fundamental and applied research, and offering innovative ESG solutions to business, the state, and society.

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