How programmes work

Development of programmes requires involvement of both the SKOLKOVO team and the management of the client’s company. The SKOLKOVO project team consists of a project manager, who supervises the program, a project moderator, and a program developer, who is responsible for the conceptual content of each module and the development of training materials.
All SKOLKOVO programmes are customized to the objectives of the company

Our mission is thoroughly analyse the challenges our clients' businesses face. We also seek to help employees to reveal their potential, to feel the core sense of what they are doing and to prepare them to be ready to find the solutions for new non-standard tasks. Moreover, we’re helping companies to gather a motivated and energetic team of like-minded people who will be able to implement the chosen development strategy.

  • The stages of a program development
    • Selection of participants
    • Composition of project work
    • Development and implementation of the programme

The stages of a program development

Admission. During the assessment module 40-50 participants of the programmes are selected out of 100-120 representatives of the company.

The programme. The chosen participants will proceed to the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

Projects. The participants are divided into 7-8 groups of 6-7 people for the project work.

The programme can be implemented for employees of different levels: from top managers to young leaders

SKOLKOVO project method

There is a patented design method based on the works by Georgy Shchedrovitsky and the Moscow Methodological circle at the core of all programs of SKOLKOVO. It represents the next generation of business education after “learning by doing – learning by development”.

The method is based on a group work, which the educational environment is built around (lectures by visiting professors, speeches of experts-practitioners, team-building events). The result is a development project that solves the strategic objectives of the company. The set of these tasks determines the management of the company in preparation for the programme. Then the participants are divided into groups and choose the direction for their development projects. Each group conducts the project; its work is accompanied by a moderator. Its tasks include organizing effective communication in the group, providing them with successful tools for group work, and broadcasting the best findings into the communication space of the entire educational program.

Design process

The diagram shows the main phases of project work. Most of the time, one stage corresponds to one module of educational program.

The work is carried out in two modes — modular and intermodule. The modular mode means full inclusion of participants in project work, inter-module periodic meetings to conference calls and constant communication on electronic and non-electronic platforms. There is a defence at the end of each module, when participants submit their projects to the expert commission, consisting of the company's management, and receive feedback, which is then taken into account in the intermodule period. No less important is the personal development of all participants. 

Project work becomes not a dry academic exercise, but a living and practical matter that requires constant contact with colleagues, managers, experts, partners and potential customers.

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