The SKOLKOVO business school has launched corporate training programs in 2006

Since then, we have been developing and implementing programmes of varying complexity and duration for leading Russian and international corporations.

What do our clients say?


"Management of technological innovations" programme

  • 140 participants
  • 3 directions
  • 1 international award

During the programme, we were convinced that by implementing projects and investing in human capital, we are getting the technical solutions and knowledge that these people then carry into society.

Natalia Ilyina

Deputy Director of innovation management unit Rosatom


Programmes on implementation of international standards in the management of large projects

  • 400 participants
  • 73% graduates working in more senior positions
  • 50% and more projects developed by the participants of the program were launched in the implementation

The project was very successful. Young leaders, trained in SKOLKOVO, have successfully completed several overseas projects and continue to implement them today.

Yuri Pikhtovnikov

Head of organizational development and career management department, PJSC LUKOIL


Programme "New leaders of Eurasia" (held since 2009)

  • 264 graduates
  • 7 countries
  • 49 developed projects
  • 53% graduates received new positions

When the President of our company was asked what SKOLKOVO means for him and why he considers it necessary to continue the programme "New leaders of Eurasia", he simply answered: "Firstly, our people are growing there. And secondly, we are growing there ourselves".

Natalia Ionova

Vice President, work with staff, EVRAZ

Republic of Tatarstan

Educational programme for the government leaders of the Republic

  • 70 participants
  • 5 educational modules
  • 3 urban agglomerations
  • 6 strategic projects

At first we thought that it would be just the best lecturers of the best school who would teach us something. But it turned out to something bigger. When people for the first time, are discussing existing problems in a single team, and not by themselves, but with SKOLKOVO representatives, as a result we are getting an enormous effect.

Ildar Khalikov

Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan


Regional programme of human resources development

  • 35 directors of segments and businesses
  • 1500 production and functional managers
  • 2500 workers

We have a wonderful programme that we have made for directors of enterprises and segments. Now all people of Severstal use it. Thanks to SKOLKOVO, because they helped us so much.

Anna Lvova

Head of HR and development department, Severstal


The programme "Academy of major projects of TNK-BP"

  • 7 real cases
  • 16 professors and experts
  • 28 participants
  • The programme "Academy of major projects of TNK-BP"

Dmitry Konov

Chairman of the Board, General Director of SIBUR LLC

SIBUR pays great attention to the development of competence of its employees. The educational programme developed for the company's employees helped its participants to analyse what SIBUR is today, to understand how business is built in various directions, and to create a possible picture of the company's plans and achievements in the future. I am sure that the participants of the programme for a year and a half and seven passed modules have brought something new to the company and will work with second strength and fresh enthusiasm.

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