Corporate Solutions

Educational programmes and services providing solutions to your company’s challenges
For more than 15 years, we have been a world-recognised partner in solving business challenges of Russian and international companies. We are creating customised educational programmes and services for executive team development.
By developing people, we develop companies. 

Relevant topics

Sustainable Development and ESG

Digital Transformation

New Business Models

Client Centricity

What problems do we help solve?

The following are some examples of what our clients are looking for. We are also ready to develop a customised offer to solve your exact business challenges.

1. Defining strategic growth priorities for the company

Result and product: 

  • The company's Strategic Development Agenda as an aligned image of the company’s future.
  • A common understanding of the industry and the company’s future in the context of different development scenarios.
  • Development of a coordinated position on the company's development strategy.
  • A roadmap of change projects for the development and implementation under the educational programme.

2. Launching company transformation processes, creating new projects and teams

Result and product:

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ready for implementation and scaling: teams defend their projects in front of business customers and raise investment for implementation.
  • Instant translation of theory into practice already during training.
  • Moving from pure business operations to strategic thinking.

3. Developing management competencies and skills

Result and product:

  • “Pumping”  managers: a shared set of knowledge and tools for effective management.
  • Understanding the principles of business: doing beyond the functional “trap”, understanding interconnections, seeing the bigger picture.
  • Team building and motivation for change.

SKOLKOVO Corporate Solutions Ecosystem

Offline, online and blended programmes 

  • Educational Solutions
    • Strategy session
    • Expert session
    • Competence programme
    • Project-oriented programme
    • Сompany visits, internships
    • Business simulation game
    • Training of individual employees in open and degree programmes
  • Services
    • Research
    • Consulting
    • Staff assessment, coaching, mentoring
    • Business cases and articles
    • Conferences and forums
    • PR and marketing event to broadcast the company's agenda
    • Campus rental for events

    Types of Solutions

    Our approach

    Client centricity

    We offer a solution based on each client’s individual request.

    Solutions to business challenges

    We adapt the content to the specifics of the client's business, train through solving real business problems, and set up change teams.

    Global context and Russian expertise

    We work with international professors with consulting experience and Russian business practitioners.

    Unique learning environment

    We contribute to the personal development of each programme participant using the capabilities of the Campus of SKOLKOVO School of Management.

      Request for consultation

      Daria Vinenko

      Associate consultant for corporate clients


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