We change people. And we help companies to change

The only business school in Eastern Europe that entered the top 50 of the most respectable executive education rating in the world, taking the 44th place among custom programs (out of 85 business schools represented) and the 46th place in the combined overall rating of custom and open programs.

> 70%
of the projects developed during the SKOLKOVO custom programs are then implemented in the companies
> 50%
of program participants are getting promoted

Client’s feedback

Oksana Fetisova

Director of Corporate University, MTS

In recent years, MTS has been actively developing digital services outside of telecommunications, which it was previously associated with. The custom programs of the SKOLKOVO business school helped to support transformation of MTS, qualitatively increased the digital and personal awareness of our leaders, and introduced relevant experience and practices of change. We are grateful to the school for its unique educational environment, access to interactive learning technologies and the best expert practitioners. We are sincerely glad to see the school's well-deserved entry into the international rating of Financial Times.


  • What will corporations teach their leaders in 2021?

    CEO, HR, T&D and L&D leaders of large Russian companies talk about urgent educational needs.

    Following the pandemic, restrictions and remote work in 2020, the priorities of employee training for 2021 have changed. At the end of 2020, SKOLKOVO Business School conducted an expert survey among representatives of large Russian companies with more than a thousand employees. Most of the respondents are heads of HR departments or divisions involved in staff development.


  • SKOLKOVO GLASSROOM: opportunities and experience of educational programs and open conferences

Resources, platforms and technologies used

Available online educational formats

  • Customized online programs

    Expertise: professors in Glassroom or remotely, invited speakers and experts from anywhere in the world.

    Number of participants: from 20 people

    Features: ability to discuss in large and small groups

    Experience: EVRAZ LLC, Ilim Group JSC, MTS PJSC, Rostelecom PJSC, OTKRITIE Bank, AIFC

  • Training sessions and master classes

    Expertise: Professor in Glassroom or remotely, invited speakers and experts

    Number of participants: from 20 to 80 people

    Features: ability to discuss in large and small groups

    Experience: JSC "Russian Post", AIFC, LLC "EVRAZ"

  • Pitch sessions and project defense

    Moderation: hosting in Glassroom

    Number of participants: up to 500 people

    Features: accurate timing, teams from anywhere in the world, the Board is able to ask questions, give ratings and feedback

    Experience: EVRAZ LLC, MMC Norilsk Nickel PJSC, MTS PJSC»

  • Corporate forums

    Moderation: hosting in Glassroom + clear script

    Number of participants: from 20 to 1000 people

    Expertise: speakers from anywhere in the world (speech + Q&A)

    Features: clear script and precise timing

    Experience: Severgroup LLC, VEB of the Russian Federation, Roscosmos State Corporation

  • Conferences

    Moderation: hosting in Glassroom + clear script

    Number of participants: from 20 to 1000 people

    Expertise: speakers from anywhere in the world (speech + Q&A)

    Features: Antifragility platform

    Experience: AIFC, Cartier, PJSC VimpelCom

  • Industry programs "Understanding China” with experts from China

    Moderation: hosting in Glassroom

    Number of participants: from 20 to 1000 people

    Expertise: speakers, C-suite Executives from companies on request

    Experience: Severgroup, Ilim Group, Russian Post

Edutainment - Humanities for business online

  • Online theater lab

    Absolutely innovative direction - acquaintance with all theatrical tools and production of an online performance. We invite students to become active participants in creating the contemporary theater history and put on their own an online performance together with the best theater directors and curators of the modern theater.

  • Let’s go to the theater

    An online discussion with playwrights, directors and artists, creators of new formats of the modern theater: films-performances, audio performances, interactive online productions, plastic performances. Getting to know the most up-to-date performances from the comfort of your home and office.

  • Online home concerts

    The home concerts genre was born when official concerts were impossible for many musicians due to censorship, while online home concerts appeared due to the lock down. The main thing remains constant: our apartments, conversations, music, songs, favorite artists, acoustic performance, a company of friends and colleagues.

  • Book club

    An online platform for reading and discussing books, as well as a friendly environment where we develop critical thinking, learn to discuss, analyze and defend our point of view. The club unites people with a broad outlook who follow modern trends and novelties in books. The club recommends the most interesting books for reading, organizes meetings with the authors, literary critics, and methodologists.

  • Corporate photo project

    Training in basic technical skills from simple photography to corporate photo exhibitions: working with camera and light, directing the frame, developing a creative concept for the current topic, visualizing the company's problems in the genres of portrait, reportage, production and artistic photography. This is a great way of teambuilding, when the current problem is analyzed and discussed through a creative prism.

The only Russian business school that is a member of GNAM, GBSN and UNICON international alliances

Consultation request

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