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Programme structure

We are constantly working to improve the programme; therefore, its structure may change.

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Contents of the program

  • Module 1
    Global Macroeconomics & Business Trends

  • Module 2
    Marketing in a Digital World

  • Module 3
    Sustainable Leadership

  • Module 4
    Competitive Strategy and Industry Analysis

  • Module 5
    Financial Analysis and Managerial Accounting

  • Module 6
    Managing Operations in Digital Context

  • Module 7
    Corporate Finance

  • Module 8
    Organizational Behavior and Leading Change

  • Module 9
    Advanced Negotiations

  • Module 10
    Business Communication for Executives

    The module is in process

  • Module 11
    Decision Making

  • Module 12
    China Immersion international module

  • Module 13

  • Module 14
    Digital Transformation

    The module is in process

  • Module 15

  • Module 16
    Integration Module and Final Exam

  • Module 17
    Silicon Valley Immersion International Module

International modules

As part of the SKOLKOVO Executive MBA programme, you will complete two international modules – one in the United States, and the other in China.

Grant Danagulyan


Danapharm, Director

Personally, the module was one of the most useful in the learning process. It allowed me to rethink my fundamental approaches to doing business. Meetings with successful world-renowned venture capitalists allowed me to rethink my concept of entrepreneurship. It was a module on how to build multibillion-dollar global companies. And we are not talking about a set of rules – it is rather an introduction to the principles by which the Silicon Valley business community operates. For 6 days, we visited several of the largest companies in the world and absorbed the innovative spirit around. The module also brought practical benefits in establishing vital business contacts – we are still receiving expert and human support in launching new projects.

  • International module in China

    The module is conducted in collaboration with Hong Kong University of Technology, the joint Executive MBA programme with Kellogg of which ranks first in the world for the seventh year in a row according to the Financial Times. HKUST professors will talk about the innovative approaches being used in China and the business models enabling local companies to achieve high results.

Alexander Gorlov


Head of Legal Department, Shtokman Development AG

We were all obviously waiting for the international module in China. Is it possible to understand such a complex country in a week? Understand how to do business in it and how to build proper relationships with Chinese partners. It turned out that yes, it is possible – not completely, but it was absolutely possible to understand all these things to the point where you fall in love with the country, get fired up with ideas for business projects in China and projects with Chinese partners in Russia, and understand how to implement them. Invited speakers and experts, including the Chairman of Capital Eight's Board of Directors, VISTRA's CEO, the CEO of EKF Electrotechnic's representative office in China, and the President of Shanghai Electric Power Transmission&Distribution, made an invaluable contribution to this. Honestly speaking, I couldn't believe that the school would be able to attract people of this level.


The Executive MBA programme is taught by professors from international business schools such as CEIBS, INSEAD, LBS, Cambridge University, IESE, ESADE, MIT, HKUST, Stanford University, Toronto University, etc. Professors develop curricula specifically for SKOLKOVO EMBA, adapting international practice to Russian realities and to the individual characteristics of the class.

  • Evgeny Kaganer
    Evgeny Kaganer

    Professor, Dean for Academic Affairs

  • Marina Veldanova
    Marina Veldanova

    Professor of Business Practice, Director of the Healthcare Development Centre

  • Salman Mufti
    Salman Mufti

    Adjunct Professor, Smith School of Business at Queen's University (Canada)

  • Yuri Levin
    Yuri Levin

    Professor, Dean of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

  • Keith Goodall
    Keith Goodall

    Adjunct Professor, Cambridge Judge Business School (UK)

  • Jack Wood
    Jack Wood

    Adjunct Professor, CEIBS (China), IMD (Switzerland)

  • Earl Kay Stice
    Earl Kay Stice

    Adjunct Professor, HKUST (China)

  • Marc Sachon
    Marc Sachon

    Adjunct Professor, IESE (Spain)

  • Olivier Tabatoni
    Olivier Tabatoni

    Adjunct Professor, IAE Aix-en-Provence (France)

  • Alexander Tildikov
    Alexander Tildikov

    Professor of Business Practice

  • Tomas Casas i Klett
    Tomas Casas i Klett

    Professor, University of St. Gallen (Switzerland)

  • Pavel Alferov
    Pavel Alferov

    Professor of Business Practice

  • Ivan Dubrovin
    Ivan Dubrovin

    Agile coach, managing partner of ScrumTrek

  • Oleg Shibanov
    Oleg Shibanov

    Mastercard Endowed Professor, Director of SKOLKOVO-NES Financial Centre

  • Moty Cristal
    Moty Cristal

    Professor, co-founder of the Centre for Negotiation and Network Studies

  • Pavel Bilenko
    Pavel Bilenko

    Senior Lecturer

  • Marat Atnashev
    Marat Atnashev

    Professor of Business Practice, co-founder of the Centre for Negotiation and Network Studies

  • Joe Pons
    Joe Pons

    Adjunct Professor, IEDC - Bled School of Management (Slovenia)

  • Olga Udovichenko
    Olga Udovichenko

    Vice Dean, Graduate School of Public Management Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (GSPM RANEPA).

  • Andrey Shishakov
    Andrey Shishakov

    Professor of Business Practice

  • Barbara Igel
    Barbara Igel

    Sberbank Endowed Professor

  • Evgeny Plaksenkov
    Evgeny Plaksenkov


  • Elena Vitchak
    Elena Vitchak

    Professor of Business Practice

  • Mike Szymanski
    Mike Szymanski

    Assistant Professor, supported by A. G. Abramov

  • Alexey Ulanovsky
    Alexey Ulanovsky

    Professor of Business Practice

  • Benoit Leleux
    Benoit Leleux

    Adjunct Professor, IMD (Switzerland)

  • Konstantin Korotov
    Konstantin Korotov

    Adjunct Professor, ESMT Berlin (Germany)

  • Viktor Shkipin
    Viktor Shkipin

    Professor of Business Practice

  • Kristina Aloyan
    Kristina Aloyan

    Assistant Professor, supported by K. G. Frank

  • Vladimir Korovkin
    Vladimir Korovkin

    Senior Lecturer

  • Egor Pereverzev
    Egor Pereverzev

    Director of SKOLKOVO Business School Degree Programs Department

  • Gregory La Blanc
    Gregory La Blanc

    Former Chair of the Berkeley-Haas Professional Faculty and a Lecturer at the Haas School, Berkeley Law School

  • Yakov Bart
    Yakov Bart

    Associate Professor of Marketing, Thomas E. Moore Faculty Fellow and Patrick F. and Helen C. Walsh Research Professor at D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University

  • Jaideep Sengupta
    Jaideep Sengupta

    The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

  • Yossi Aviv
    Yossi Aviv

    Adjunct Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences

  • Mikhail Nediak
    Mikhail Nediak

    Professor, Associate Dean for Research

  • Marina Pochinok
    Marina Pochinok

    Expert, consultant in Organizational development

  • Michael Sung
    Michael Sung

    Chairman, CarbonBlue Innovations Founder, One World Blockchain Alliance. PhD, MIT

  • Toby Stuart
    Toby Stuart

    Helzel Chair in Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation and the Faculty Director of the Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Program

Apply for training
Consultants' contact details: +7 495 215 26 19

Yuliya Chitakh

+7 967 001 11 64

Maria Polikarpova

+7 985 111 26 32

Elena Mazaeva

+7 919 777 53 93

Leysan Bokhodirkhonova

+7 965 211 50 42

Irina Ozerova

+7 903 509 51 99

Ekaterina Shubina

+7 963 637 46 46

Bakhtiyar Ibrahimov

+7 965 318 29 11

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