Alexander Tildikov

Alexander Tildikov

Professor of Business Practice

    Alexander Tildikov is Professor of Business Practice at Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and has been a member of the teaching board of Stockholm School of Economics in Saint Petersburg for over 15 years. He is also a guest lecturer at Hanken SSE (Helsinki, Finland). 

    Alexander's main area of expertise is strategy from a range of different perspectives, including market & competitive advantage, product development, client portfolio management, sustainable growth, and financial strategy. He specialises in business model development, value proposition formation, and building financial strategy. Current areas of particular interest to Alexander are strategic choice, creative destruction, product strategy and NPD. 

    Alexander is a member of the Board of Directors and a Board Consultant of a number of Russian and international companies. He is currently engaged in consulting and managing business optimisation and restructuring projects, administrating mergers and acquisitions, as well as events aimed at increasing companies’ value. 

    Alexander has over 25 years of experience in consulting. His clients have included Gazprom Oil, Novartis, Rosgosstrakh, SPLAT-COSMETICA, IKEA, Volvo Trucks Corporation, Hydroscand, the Russian Television and Broadcasting Network, TNK-BP, KAZ Minerals, Delovye Linii, Samsung Russia, Ruukki, Stora Enso, Medbiopharm, Askona, EMG Group, TD Yarmarka and more. 

    Alexander graduated from Moscow University of Public Utilities and Construction, specialising in Economics and Industry Management. He received postgraduate education in General Audit at the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, in Auditing at Lomonosov Moscow State University and in Tax Consultancy at the Ministry of Federal Tax of the Russian Federation.

    Alexander has undergone internships at the Swedish Institute of Management (Stockholm, Sweden), JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Jyväskylä, Finland) and Urbach Hacker Young International (London, UK). 

    Alexander develops and teaches educational programmes in Financial Strategy, Product Development, Client Portfolio Management, Business Model Development, Efficiency Management, Strategic Development, Market Analysis and Competitive Strategy, Value Proposition Development, Sustainable Growth Strategy and more. At SKOLKOVO, he teaches on the Practicum, Executive MBA, MBA, and MOOVE by MTS & SKOLKOVO programmes, as well as participating in open and corporate programmes. 

    In 2014, Alexander developed Sevens for iPad - an app which translates strategic decisions into the language of finance.

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