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Corporate track within the SKOLKOVO Executive MBA programme

The corporate track is a way to link long-term personal and professional development goals with the development goals of sending companies.

An academic supervisor works with each corporate group as part of the training.

What does this mean for the group?

  • Support and monitoring of the group's educational process at all training stages;
  • monthly group or individual communication;
  • setting personal and corporate goals for the module and debriefing after the module together with the academic supervisor;
  • providing information to the professor about the group and the company in the context of the module;
  • engaging SKOLKOVO's expert community to meet the challenges and needs of business.

For corporate group participants, module professors give special assignments relating to the company's tasks and needs, while the academic supervisor assists in aligning business disciplines' content to the sending company's topical problems.

The main part of the students' studies track takes place in a general group, which allows them to go beyond the industry limits and immerse themselves in the problems of other industries and companies.

In international modules, corporate group students are able to choose projects for directly solving their companies' strategic objectives (entering new markets, establishing joint ventures, technology transfer, and others). Here, the work of the module experts and professors will focus on coordinating and supporting the project.

What will your team come out with?

  • Expanding horizons and scope of thinking
  • Honing leadership and management skills
  • Development and implementation of strategically important company projects
  • Transfer of acquired experience to "change agents" and knowledge alignment to the sending company
  • Development of a new management language and management culture within the company

    Format features

    Group work with an academic supervisor

    Launched from two corporate employees

    Academic curator

    Provides assistance and advice in corporate group training

    Special conditions

    A corporate discount system is provided.
    Please check with our consultants

    Work on your company's project (optional)

    Ability to work out the company's business challenges within the relevant modules (strategy, market entry, operational efficiency, and so on)

    Apply for training
    Consultants' contact details: +7 495 215 26 19

    Yuliya Chitakh

    +7 967 001 11 64

    Maria Polikarpova

    +7 985 111 26 32

    Elena Mazaeva

    +7 919 777 53 93

    Leysan Bokhodirkhonova

    +7 965 211 50 42

    Irina Ozerova

    +7 903 509 51 99

    Ekaterina Shubina

    +7 963 637 46 46

    Bakhtiyar Ibrahimov

    +7 965 318 29 11

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