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Reboot for successful people
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How to enrol in the programme

  • Step 1

    Fill out the application form

    Fill out the online application form and upload the set of documents. A programme consultant will contact you and help you complete the following admission steps.

  • Step 2

    Pay the entrance fee of EUR 250

    Payment methods:

    • By credit card after filling out the application for training
    • By bank transfer
    • By credit card at the SKOLKOVO cashier's desk on the entrance exam day
  • Step 3

    Take the online test

    The online test gives an idea of your psychological profile and takes about 60 minutes.

  • Step 4

    Pass the entrance exam

    Individual interview with a representative of the exam board

  • Requirements for candidates:
    • Higher education (where the education was obtained abroad, you must provide a copy of the higher or secondary vocational education certificate. Where a foreign certificate is not recognised in Russia, admission to the programme will require passing the foreign education recognition procedure.)
    • At least 5 years of experience in a senior position or similar experience
    • Recognised professional achievements
    • The School has the right to deny admission to the Programme to any candidate who fails to pass at least one of the mandatory admission stages
  • Key competencies
    • Relationship management (leadership skills, social confidence, decisiveness, cooperativeness, considerateness)
    • Task management (analytical, conceptual, thinking breadth and complexity, creativity, imagination and curiosity, methodicalness, normativity, ethical standards of behaviour)
    • Self-management (balance, stress tolerance, emotional control, perception of criticism, cheerfulness, flexibility, adaptability, openness to new tasks, energy)
    • Achievement motivation (result orientation, career ambitions)
    • Degree of understanding of own strengths and areas for development
Tuition fees:

€95 000

Find out the current internal EUR exchange rate from consultants

Payment methods:

  • Full payment
  • Payment in tranches

  • What the price covers
    • 17 programme modules
    • Full set of training materials
    • International modules in China and the United States (excluding flights and accommodation)
    • Accommodation on the SKOLKOVO Campus, half board
    • Simultaneous translation (starting in Russian)
    • Parking, fitness

    Additional charges apply for flights, accommodation and meals during 2 international modules (China and USA)

  • When paying in instalments:
    • before the start of the programme – 35% of the tuition fee;
    • up to the 4th module of the programme – 30% of the tuition fee;
    • up to the 6th module of the programme – 25% of the tuition fee;
    • up to the 9th module of the programme – 10% of the tuition fee.

    Payment is made at the internal rate set by the School for each specific month. Find out the current internal EUR exchange rate from our consultants!

Apply for training
Consultants' contact details: +7 495 215 26 19

Yuliya Chitakh

+7 967 001 11 64

Maria Polikarpova

+7 985 111 26 32

Elena Mazaeva

+7 919 777 53 93

Leysan Bokhodirkhonova

+7 965 211 50 42

Irina Ozerova

+7 903 509 51 99

Ekaterina Shubina

+7 963 637 46 46

Bakhtiyar Ibrahimov

+7 965 318 29 11

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