Elena Vitchak

Elena Vitchak

Professor of Business Practice

    Digital Transformation

    Organization and HR

    Leadership and Personal Development


    Elena Vitchak is a graduate of the Executive MBA programme and has many years’ practical experience in management and working with human capital, including as a member of the Board of Directors of a number of Russian companies.

    Elena’s unique experience allows her to focus on topics linked to organisational behaviour, leadership and change management, as well as team management and HR instruments. 

    Since 2019, Elena has been working on a project HR as a Partner for Business for managers interested in leadership in managing people and teams. Elena’s main roles in this unique programme include Academic Director, Professor and Coach.

    Elena also has experience of working successfully with small- and medium-sized businesses on projects and programmes aimed at helping business owners build people management systems, as well as organising HR processes and attracting professional staff in a competitive environment, and building an effective corporate culture. 

    Elena’s in-depth business expertise is complemented by her academic experience. Fr0m 2008-2017, Elena held various positions at AFK Sistema PAO holding (with over 18 assets across leading industries). In 9 years, transformation projects were undertaken across the holding’s structures (company-shareholder of leading Russian companies MTS, Detsky Mir, MTS Bank, Segezha Group, Medsi, Steppe Agroholding and others), from changes in management models to changes in all management and staff administration. 

    Elena is a member of numerous Remuneration Committees and Boards of Directors at leading companies in Russia and Kazakhstan. 

    Elena has repeatedly been named as one of Kommersant’s Top 1000 Russian Managers and has written for the likes of Forbes and the Harvard Business Review, as well as for a number of HR publications.

    2019 - Process Communication Model Certificate

    2018-19 - PwC Business Coaching Diploma, International Coaching Federation

    2018 - Leaders as Teachers, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

    2015-17 - EMBA, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

    1993 - Philology, Southern Federal University

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