Welcome to one of the most beautiful campuses in the world!

The School’s Campus is a unique piece of architecture based on the painting “Suprematism” by the famous Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich

To bring the concept to life, the studio of British architect David Adjaye was engaged.

Based on the peculiarities of the Russian climate, Adjaye abandoned the traditional university campus layout and created a virtually indoor city with classrooms, media centres, cafes, streets and squares. All this is built on a disk-shaped base, on which the administrative and hotel blocks stand.

The campus has been recognised as one of the most beautiful university buildings in the world. It is a symbiosis of cultures that reflects the futuristic nature of the School.


  • 26

    total land area

  • 80000
    square meters

    total area of the complex

  • 9
  • 550
    parking lots
  • 990
    trees in the park
  • 21

    to the Red Square

Campus for Education

  • The main part of the building, also known as Disk, has 7 clusters named after the countries and continents.

    The Campus has 17 classrooms and 49 rooms for project and group work. These are specifically designed for all types of study: amphitheaters for lectures, rooms with gently sloping floors and moveable furniture for accommodating smaller project teams.

    Most classrooms offer the ability to write directly on the walls thanks to a special tech coating that helps create an interactive format and outline business processes.


The library of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO offers students and the school staff the opportunity to easily and quickly access publications and databases covering various areas and aspects of business. To date, the literature in the library collection covers such topics as emerging markets, leadership, communication, entrepreneurship, innovation, etc. Along with contemporary authors, the library also offers classic business literature, as well as publications of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

SKOLKOVO Library Electronic Register

Some Campus sights

  • Campus roof

    One glance at SKOLKOVO Business School’s main building from above will immediately make one feel like they are beholding Kazimir Malevich's famous painting Suprematism. The four buildings of this architectural masterpiece with varying geometric shapes are erected atop a three-story disc. The roof has skylights consisting of several dozen decorated windows that fill the School's premises with natural light. From the disc roof, one can see clearly how the scenic outdoors seamlessly complement the natural look of the business school building. The outlines of the Moscow International Business Center (Moscow city) are also clearly visible from here. As if that were not enough, the roof also has a circular track with a great running surface for that quick jog.

  • Green wall

    Perhaps the largest green wall in Eastern Europe and undoubtedly the largest in Moscow. Plants are placed in special cells and maintained through a direct watering and nurturing system with special tubes and pipes. The special project was implemented for Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO by Terrakultur with financial support from International Paper.

  • SKOLKOVO Manifesto

    The art object SKOLKOVO MANIFESTO is located on the main square of the Campus. Created by artists Olga and Oleg Tatarintsev, MANIFESTO embodies the spirit of the SKOLKOVO alumni community. The multi-coloured brick structure embodies the core principles of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, becoming its integral part.


  • Cafetera
    Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 08:00-20:00, Saturday - Sunday - days off.

    Cafetera is a self-service canteen, offering Russian and European cuisine. A varied selection of salads, soups, hot dishes, pastries, desserts, fruits and drinks is offered daily.

    Location: Disk, 1st floor.

    +7 (495) 988 46 06 p845

  • DeliMarche
    Opening hours: daily, 08:00-23:00

    DeliMarche offers European cuisine, a wide selection of salads, pasta, hot dishes, soups, pizza, desserts of our own products and drinks. The menu is updated weekly. A budget café is perfect for friends and business meetings. A la carte breakfast. Table service.

    Location: Disk, 1st floor.

    +7 (495) 988 46 06 ext. 845

  • Forum
    Restaurant & Bar

    Opening hours: daily, 07:30-23:00; 07:30-11:00 - breakfast.

    Forum Restaurant&Bar is located on the 4th floor of the Tien Shan hotel. We set up this restaurant as a space for free communication, the sharing of experience and emotions, complemented with fine cuisine, a perfect drink selection and an exclusive attitude. The forum is ideal for official and festive events.

    Location: Tien Shan hotel, 4th floor.

    +7 (965) 150 77 72


  • Coffee Piú
    Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 08:30-20:00, Saturday - Sunday - days off.

    A small café chain offering home-baked treats, including wafer rolls filled with condensed milk just like from childhood. Apart from coffee, deserts and drinks, the café also offers budget-friendly home-cooked meals, the menu changes every day.

    Location: Disk (between China and India clusters), 1st  floor.

  • The Secret bar
    Opening hours: daily 9:00-21:00

    The Secret bar is a place entirely dedicated to the beverage culture. Here, one can try the author’s menu offering various types of tea, coffee and non-alcoholic cocktails, take part in tastings of new varieties and seasonal offers, visit thematic events, tastings and master classes, or organise private events complemented with interesting drinks, negotiate over a cup of tea or coffee, buy fragrant gifts for yourself, friends and your beloved ones.

    Location: Himalayas building, 6th floor

    +7 (495) 798 94 14

  • The Rink
    Summer (May-September): café and children's play space – Monday - Thursday 08.00-22.00, Friday - Sunday 08.00-23.00; Winter (December - March): café and skating rink - 11:00-22:00 daily.

    The Rink is a cosy café that is part of the Skolkovo Golf Club restaurant that offers a wide choice of the most beloved and popular pizzas, including Margarita, Four Cheeses, pancakes with various fillings, and delicious seasonal drinks. The cafe has a grill station, meaning the menu is complemented with grill dishes.

    Location: near the cottages

    +7 (495) 280 37 39

  • Campus Coffee
    Opening hours: daily 7:30-18:30

    Visitors will be able to start their day with a cup of hot coffee made from 100% Arabica, as well as aromatic pastries. Freshly baked croissants, rolls, homemade chocolate muffins are on the menu every day.

    Location: Disk, 1st floor.

Kiosks and vending machines

  • Kiosks and vending machines
    Opening hours: 24/7

    The Campus has various kiosks and vending machines with an assortment that meets every taste. They offer both full meals and luncheons, as well as drinks and snacks.

    Disk (Singapore cluster, Russia cluster), 1st floor, Ural building, 1st floor

Sports and SPA Centres

  • SKOLKOVO Fitness Centre by PRO TRENER

    +7 499 346 01 15, www.pro-skolkovo.ru

    Being part of the infrastructure of the leading business school in Russia – Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, SKOLKOVO Fitness Centre by PRO TRENER is specially designed to cater to the peculiarities of student life. It offers a spacious playground for team games (900 sq. m), a treadmill and cardio rooms, a large 25-meter pool, and halls for group and individual programmes (covering a total area of 200 sq. m).

    The Fitness Centre shares the PRO TRENER fitness concept, which is based on the unique proprietary PRO TRENER SYSTEM methodology. Therefore, the training programme for each client of the Centre is developed on an individual profile. Every client starts his or her activities with initial testing, the results of which are used to develop personal recommendations for the training programme.

    A person of any age (starting from 6 years old) and any sports background can enjoy sports activities in the Fitness Centre. In their free time, students can attend group scheduled activities, including functional, swimming, outdoor activities, aqua aerobics, yoga, Pilates, combat sports and dance classes.

    daily, 10:00-22:00, without breaks +7 495 280 07 45 (ext. 4651), www.althausspa.ru

    Althaus Spa SKOLKOVO is a premium salon offering massage, spa and cosmetology services, and the best specialists from Thailand, Korea and Europe, care programmes for all skin types. It also offers deep cleansing, peeling, moisturising and skin rejuvenation programmes without rehabilitation using the Hydra Facial device. Other services include RF lifting, non-invasive mesotherapy, ultrasound, epilation, solarium, hammam, sauna. The salon offers the professionalism and experience of craftspeople, a high level of service, and high-quality cosmetics.

    SKOLKOVO Campus, Himalaya building, 6th floor.

Unique SKOLKOVO Campus
British architect David Adjaye designed a real indoor city with classrooms, centres, cafes, streets and squares.
Novaya ul. 100, Skolkovo village, Odintsovsky District, Moscow Region, 143025 Russia
Hotel Cafes and restaurants Sports centre Skolkovo Shop
clusters named after a country or a continent
thousand people a year
parking lots
SKOLKOVO Campus Disk

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