Educational program

Master in Management Analytics | SKOLKOVO MMA

International Degree Programme in Business Analytics and Management
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Program content

  • Decision-making based on analytics

    The course focuses on the integration of analytical thinking in management culture. This knowledge will help improve the quality of business and customer service, manage risks effectively, increase productivity, and increase the company's revenue.

  • Pavel Alferov
    Professor of Business Practice

    Oleg Shibanov
    Professor. Financial Director, SKOLKOVO-NES, PhD.

    Daria Dzyabura
    Professor SKOLKOVO. Department of Marketing, NES. Guest Professor

    Anton Ovchinnikov
    Visiting Professor SKOLKOVO

    Management Analytics

    The course introduces the main analytical tools and teaches the skills to use these tools in solving specific management tasks. It teaches how to combine hard and soft analytical approaches.

    Participants will explore key functional areas of management and the possibilities of their interaction for effective production and sales of products and services. They will build a functional map of management decisions, to which they will allocate various analytical approaches.


Оffline 256 hours

Full-time study on the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO Campus in the following formats: lectures, cases, coaching sessions, simulations. Work Collaboration with professors and experts — individually and in study groups.

Оnline 128 hours

Online sessions from the SKOLKOVO GLASSROOM TV studio. Individual classesand group working sessions with a lecturer.

Pre-recorded online content helps better understand the module content and derive maximum benefit from live communication with the lecturer.

Project work

Work on a business transformation project. The project is carried out by the student throughout the study period individually or in small groups with a clear assignment of roles for each participant.

There are two types of projects:

Data Driven Project — tackling a company's relevant task

Venture Solution — new product launch

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