Educational program

HKUST-SKOLKOVO EMBA Program for Eurasia

Global program with a focus on Eurasia, established in collaboration between Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management

How to apply

    • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution* 
    • Upper-Intermediate English Preferably 
    • At least six years of managerial experience 
    • Strong leadership track record 
    • Solid career/business progression 
    • Motivation to learn, lead and innovate 
    • A leadership attribute test and an interview by both business schools are required for all shortlisted candidates

    * Where the education was obtained abroad, you must provide a copy of the higher or secondary vocational education certificate. Where a foreign certificate is not recognised in Russia, admission to the programme will require passing the foreign education recognition procedure

    • Fill in the application form and invite 2 referees to fill out a recommendation form
    • Pay the application fee and complete the admission tests
    • Complete interviews with the admissions representatives of both schools
  • TUITION FEE US$ 130 000
    • 17 programme modules in Russia, Hong Kong, Switzerland and UAE (Dubai)
    • Accommodation in Russia and Hong Kong
    • Mentorship for capstone project development
    • Full set of study materials

    For candidates admitted to the HKUST-SKOLKOVO Executive MBA for Eurasia, we offer 6 types of awards. Each award is worth US$5,000-20,000.

    1. Sustainability Award
      This award will be given to individuals working on projects with a positive impact on the world around them by improving environment, economy and society.

    2. Leaders from Non-Profit Organizations Award
      The award will be given to candidates who have a strong background and interest in NPO work.

    3. Women Leadership Award
      The award will be given to female candidates who can demonstrate excellent leadership track record. The aim of the award is to support female candidates of merit and to help increase the number of women joining our Executive MBA.

    4. Global Citizen Award
      The award will be given to candidates with a strong international career, multicultural background, especially to those who have succeeded in leading multinational corporations.

    5. The Belt and Road Initiative Award
      The award will be given to people who contribute towards creating business opportunities and cultural exchange across Eurasia or creating entrepreneurship partnerships along the Belt and Road Initiative.

    6. Disruptive Innovation Award
      The award will be given to candidates who come up with innovative products, services or solutions problems, particularly in a country that is outside of where their passports are issued.

    7. Outstanding achievements
      This award is intended for any candidate who does not meet the criteria of the above five points, but they have something unique so that they will diversify and enrich the educational process. The Program Management Department is eligible to issue awards ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 12,000. A mutual agreement must be reached between schools before awarding an award.


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