SKOLKOVO School of Management is one of the leading business schools in Russia

Founded in 2006 by leaders in the business community, SKOLKOVO was further established by Russian entrepreneurs, including founders of major companies and patrons representing the main sectors of the Russian economy.

  • Five SKOLKOVO MBA Graduates Included in the Top 1,000 Russian Managers
  • Sustainable Development

Educational programmes

  • The education programmes portfolio offered at Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO includes programmes specifically tailored for business at all stages of growth, from a start-up to a full-fledged major corporation entering international markets.

    All programmes are structured according to the “learning by doing” principle, and include theoretical blocks, practical assignments, project work and international modules.

  • Institutes and research centres

    Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is a centre of expertise and attraction for those who stake on Russia and work in emerging markets.

  • The business school includes institutes and research centres that study topical problems in various economic sectors, deliver consulting services, develop educational programmes, and also contribute to the formation of the school's intellectual agenda as a whole.

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