Educational program | Лидерство и личное развитие | Открытые программы

FLOW: Female Leaders Opportunities and Wholeness

Women-only leadership program
  • 4
  • 7
  • modular format
    English & Russian
    SKOLKOVO Business School Campus, Eco-hotel (Russia). Armenia

Our manifesto - You can have it all!

FLOW is a programme for women on forming a strategy for personal and professional development. The programme brings together the best modern approaches in education, leadership theory and personal development practice. You will be able to analyze all the accumulated experience, rethink internal attitudes that move you forward or slow you down, understand your intrinsic motivation for development to build a new self-image and achieve a balance of roles in career and life.

The programme will last for 5 months, consist of 4 modules and crosscutting thematic tracks, which will be taught by international professors from England, the Netherlands, India, the USA and Germany together with Russian professors, experts, executive coaches and mentors.

The programme will ignite your personal transformation and become a source of inspiration.

The program is designed for women leaders and entrepreneurs who

have built successful careers but are in the process of transformation, looking for the next stage of development
want to analyze existing experience, systematize knowledge in the field of leadership and personal strategy
have paused their careers and are looking for support and inspiration to unlock their potential

Following the programme you will

    • know in detail your internal attitudes that move you forward or conversely limit your activity
    • articulate a new definition of leadership based on a deep understanding of your goals and values, energy sources and motivation
    • improve your skills in personal brand building, networking, communication, coaching, change management and leadership
    • develop an inspiring personal and professional development strategy and get support from mentors to quickly advance on the plan

Programme content

  • Module 1

    28 – 30 October 2021, SKOLKOVO

    Problematization and goal setting for the programme. Self check-up: assessment of professional and personal status. Analysis of personal roles and general social context. Leadership and personal development theories

  • Module 2

    8 – 11 December 2021, Eco-hotel
    Immersion into yourself

    In-depth personal values and mental attitudes workout. Search for internal energy and motivation, awareness of personality. Finding a new personal definition of a balanced life.

  • Module 3

    17-19 February 2022, SKOLKOVO
    New image building

    Forming a new inspiring individual and career image, behavior and communication models. Building a personal brand and reputation. Working with emotional nature, internal limitations and a continuous development model.

  • Module 4

    27-30 April 2022, Armenia
    Change management

    Back to the business context. How to manage changes in career and personal life and build a personal support ecosystem. Mentoring and networking. Collecting all the ideas accumulated throughout the programme, building a strategy for their implementation and taking the next step.


Unique teaching team is the basis of the programme

  • Nilima Bhat
    Nilima Bhat
    Author, speaker, founder of “Shakti” leadership potential development programme. Author of «Shakti Leadership: Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power»
  • Lorri Sulpizio
    Lorri Sulpizio
    Director of Conscious Leadership Academy, University of San Diego
  • Susan Vinnicombe
    Susan Vinnicombe
    Professor of Women and Leadership, Cranfield School of Management, founder of the Cranfield International Centre for Women Leaders
  • Kim Turnbull James
    Kim Turnbull James
    Professor of Leadership, Cranfield School of Management
  • Konstantin Korotov
    Konstantin Korotov
    Professor, ESMT Berlin
  • Svetlana Mironyuk
    Svetlana Mironyuk
    Professor of Business Practice, Dean for Operations and Digital
  • Svetlana Khapova
    Svetlana Khapova
    Professor of Organizational Behavior, School of Business and Economics (SBE) of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

How to enroll

  • Step 1

    Fill in the application on the website

    Following the submission, an adviser will contact you to discuss the programme and answer your questions 

  • Step 2

    Send a personal essay including your expectations of the programme

    A programme adviser will send you questions you will need to cover in your essay

  • Step 3

    Pass an interview with a programme director

    The interview is aimed at discussing your training expectations and understanding if the programme fit your needs

  • Step 4

    Conclude the contract and pay the tuition fee

    A programme adviser will contact you to discuss a convenient way to execute the contract and pay for tuition

Programme fee

Privat Client
1 350 000
1 147 500

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