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  • 24.04.2021 (Saturday)
    English, with simultaneous interpretation in Russian
    Zoom, GlassRoom
    12:00pm-14:00pm (MSK) and 5:00pm-7:00pm (HKT)


In the past two decades there has arisen a powerful and symbiotic relationship between the US and China involving tremendous flows of capital and goods. It has been virtually unprecedented in terms of size and scope influencing among other things the trade balance, the exchange rate; the cost of capital and housing in the States; and ease of fiscal policy and the impact of monetary policy.

The event is held as part of the promotion of educational programs of the international standard MBA.


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    You will learn

    • lifelong learning concept - a new reality in education
    • what business education can give you
    • about world-class professors on the programs
    • start of the programs

In this lecture, we will systematically

Develop the framework for this nexus and explore its effects on

  • Exchange rates
  • Money and bond markets
  • Labor markets
  • Foreign direct investment


    • 12:00—12:30 MSK (17:00 — 17:30 HKT)
      Program Introduction by Dr Egor Pereverzev

    • 12:30—14:00 MSK (17:30 —19:00 HKT)
      Sample Class by Prof Milind Rao


    • Egor Pereverzev
      Egor Pereverzev

      Director of SKOLKOVO Business School Degree Programs Department

    • Milind S RAO
      Milind S RAO

      Adjunct Professor of Department of Economics, HKUST Business School


    SKOLKOVO degree programs


      SKOLKOVO MBA is an international educational program for anyone interested in acquiring a wide range of management knowledge and skills, achieving a career breakthrough or elevating their business to a new level.

      The composition of the class on the SKOLKOVO MBA program is unique, consisting of both entrepreneurs and also corporate managers. The program is structured in such a way that each individual acquires the skills that they require to attain his or her goals.

      For entrepreneurs:

      • Search for new ideas and new business partners.
      • Development and scalability of the existing business.
      • Access to new markets.

      For managers:

      • Acquisition of best practice knowledge and skills required to work on more wide-ranging, complex and interesting projects.
      • Construction of new career track and support in advancing their career.
      • Opportunity to try out new functions and roles, inter alia, entrepreneurial functions and roles.

      The program is conducted in English.


      SKOLKOVO Executive MBA is an international educational program for top managers and business owners with management experience of at least 5 years.

      The program provides systematic management knowledge for effective strategic business management.

      Practical focus

      Teachers conduct traditional lectures, but at the same time use progressive teaching methods. This allows you to learn information much better and develop skills.

      The techniques involved:

      • Individual and group homework assignments aimed at solving the current tasks of your company;
      • Interactive lectures;
      • Working on presentations, foreign and Russian case studies in groups;
      • Business simulations;
      • Project work in China and USA;
      • Exam tasks.

      The program is conducted in English with simultaneous interpretation into Russian.

    • HKUST-SKOLKOVO EMBA for Eurasia

      HKUST-SKOLKOVO Executive MBA for Eurasia is the world’s first dual-degree Executive MBA program tailored for the Eurasian markets, created in collaboration between SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). The program is created for experienced managers and entrepreneurs from all over the world who aspire to become the leaders of New Eurasia, and offers business education that bridges Europe, Russia and China and covering Eurasia and the famed Belt and Road Initiative.

      The program is focused on three key pillars:

      • Innovation and 4th industrial revolution
      • Eurasia
      • Leadership

      The program is conducted in English.

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