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Programme Structure

We are constantly working to improve the programme, meaning its structure may change.

The programme is offered in part-time format — one module takes place in one month and lasts from 4 days. This allows students to combine their studies with their work.

  • the programme is designed for 18 months and consists of 17 modules
  • each module lasts 4 to 6 days
  • in-between modules: homework, pre-reading, group projects
  • 628 hours of classroom lessons, 382 hours of independent work

Hard Core modules

  • Managerial  economics
  • Managerial &  Financial  accounting
  • Marketing
  • Managing operations
  • Data driven  decision-making
  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic management


The SKOLKOVO MBA programme is taught by professors from the world's leading business schools: IIMD, Queen's School of Business, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of St. Gallen and others. All lecturers are both theorists and practitioners. We choose the best experts from all over the world, working with the largest international companies.

  • Pierre Casse
    Pierre Casse
  • Moty Cristal
    Moty Cristal
    Professor, Co-Founder of the Centre for Negotiation and Network Studies
  • Benoit Leleux
    Benoit Leleux
    Adjunct Professor, IMD (Switzerland)
  • Salman Mufti
    Salman Mufti
    Adjunct Professor, Smith School of Business at Queen's University (Canada)
  • Derrald Stice
    Derrald Stice
    Adjunct Professor, HKUST (China)
  • Evgeny Kaganer
    Evgeny Kaganer
  • Andrey Sharonov
    Andrey Sharonov
    Professor, CEO of the National ESG-Alliance
  • Pavel Alferov
    Pavel Alferov
    Professor of Business Practice
  • Maxim Belukhin
    Maxim Belukhin
    Visiting Professor, Independent Consultant
  • Marina Veldanova
    Marina Veldanova
    Professor of Business Practice, Director of the Healthcare Development Centre
  • Andrey Volkov
    Andrey Volkov
    Professor, Director of Public Strategy Institute
  • Ivan Dubrovin
    Ivan Dubrovin
    Agile coach, managing partner of ScrumTrek
  • Natalia Kuptsova
    Natalia Kuptsova
    Professor of the Managing People in Organisations module. Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
  • Egor Pereverzev
    Egor Pereverzev
    Professor of Business Practice
  • Olga Udovichenko
    Olga Udovichenko
    Vice Dean, Graduate School of Public Management Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (GSPM RANEPA).
  • Andrey Shapenko
    Andrey Shapenko
    Associate Professor
  • Andrey Shishakov
    Andrey Shishakov
    Professor of Business Practice
  • Tatiana Shcherban
    Tatiana Shcherban
    Coach of the Practicum for Entrepreneurs programme since 2013, Head, HR professional with 20+ years of experience
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