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Leadership course and module in Kamchatka

The End-to-End Leadership Course will help you understand your individual leadership experience within the complex context of human behaviour at various levels: personal, interpersonal, group, intergroup, organisational We will look at the nature and function of formal and informal power in groups and organisations, the range of accompanying formal and informal roles that you and other group members play, and the different types of physical and psychological constraints that each of us faces. Together with experienced business coaches, you will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, get feedback, and build a trajectory for further development that will allow you to become a more effective leader and manager.

The Leadership course will help you:

  • better understand your motivations and unique leadership style;
  • practice your leadership skills;
  • develop the ability to analyse your own experience working in groups and organisations;
  • better understand the explicit and conscious, as well as the hidden and unconscious processes in groups and organisations;
  • prepare a plan for your future personal and professional growth based on the information acquired.

The Leadership course includes:

  • Allow to identify typical behavioural patterns of leadership
A series of games and simulations
  • Will help identify areas for development and outline specific steps for further progress
Group and individual coaching
  • Personal and professional narrative
  • Group dynamics analysis
  • Analysis of leadership styles in an organisation
Individual written works
  • Sets the direction for working on new behavioural models
Feedback from experts and students

Integration module in Kamchatka

  • The SKOLKOVO MBA programme is a year and a half of new life and new experience. To rethink the experience and knowledge gained, we send students to a place where positions and past achievements do not matter – to Kamchatka. Six days at the end of the world, dedicated to exploring yourself and getting out of your comfort zone, under the guidance of Andrei Volkov, Professor of Management and Former Rector of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

    Course objectives:

    • Rethink the experience and knowledge gained in the MBA programme
    • Test your leadership and teamwork skills in challenging environments
    • Get an energy boost and formulate goals for the future
A game for promotion
  • Join SKOLKOVO Business School MBA students and International paper on the route

Academic leader

  • Andrey Volkov
    Andrey Volkov

    Professor, Director of Public Strategy Institute

  • Andrey Volkov

    Professor, Director of Public Strategy Institute

Course stages

  • Step 1


    Exploring Kamchatka, visiting the volcano on snowmobiles, helicopter tour, meeting with Deputy Governor of Kamchatka Territory, etc.

  • Step 2


    Climbing the Vilyuchinsky Pass, setting up camp, spending the night in the snow, descent

  • Step 3


    Reflections on the experience gained, changes that occurred during the training period, setting new goals

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  • The module is supported by the company International Paper

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