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An international programme offering everything you need to reach your full potential
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How to apply for the programme

We enrol the best development-oriented candidates for our MBA programme who are willing and able to contribute to the Russian business community's development.
Step 1:

Individual consultation

Contact a consultant to get detailed information about the programme and the admission process.

Step 2:

Application form

Fill out the application form in your personal account and attach the following documents: a copy of your higher education degree with an insert; a scan of your Russian internal passport with registration; a scan of your Russian passport; your CV; your photo; your motivational essay in a separate file.

Go to your Personal Account

Step 3:

Admin fee

Pay the application fee of RUB 13 500

Step 4:

Online testing

Take the online English language proficiency test and the Talent Q aptitude tests (numerical, verbal, logical).

Step 5:

Online interview

Sit for an individual online interview with an Admissions Committee official.

Step 6:

Assessment Centre

Take part in individual and group solutions to ethical and business cases.

Step 7:


During all Admission stages, we assess the candidates' leadership qualities, entrepreneurial abilities and cognitive prowess.

  • Requirements for candidates:
    • Higher education (if you obtained your degree outside the Russian Federation, you must provide a copy of the certificate of recognition or the Russian Federation's equivalence of the education of foreign degrees)
    • More than 3 years of experience
    • Knowledge of English language at the upper-intermediate level or higher
Tuition fees:

€60 000

Find out the current internal EUR exchange rate from consultants

Payment in full or in tranches

  • What the price covers
    • 17 programme modules
    • Online courses
    • Full set of training materials
    • Accommodation on the SKOLKOVO Campus, half board (breakfast and lunch) and coffee breaks.
    • Membership to the fitness club during the modules*
    • Parking lot

    * one visit per module

Payment methods

  • Payment in tranches
    • You can pay for the programme in tranches. For more information, as well as the current EUR exchange rate, please contact our consultants.
  • Study loans
    • The Business School offers candidates study loans on favourable terms. Find out more from our consultants.
  • Grants
    • Every year, a grant competition for the MBA programme is held for the most talented and ambitious candidates.

About grants

Every year, a grant competition is held for talented and ambitious candidates.

Grants: EUR 15,000.00, EUR 20,000.00, EUR 30,000.00, EUR 45,000.00.

  • up to 75% of the tuition fee
  • max EUR 45,000.00
  • project defence or business case solution
  • special grants from partners
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