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We hold an annual grant competition and invite talented and ambitious candidates to participate.

Grants: EUR 15,000.00, EUR 20,000.00, EUR 30,000.00, EUR 45,000.00.

  • up to 75% of the tuition fee
  • max EUR 45,000.00
  • project defence or business case solution
  • special grants from partners
  • Xenia Frank's Special Grant

    Xenia Frank invests EUR 40,000.00 for a grant for girls under 35 from various regions in Russia. Submit an application, get the opportunity to not only win a study grant, but also talk with Xenia personally.

Selection criteria

  • Prospects
    • The participant has a long-term vision and is consistent in their values and goals
    • The participant is able to adapt to changing external and internal conditions
    • The participant is ready to step out of their comfort zone
  • Innovation
    • The participant has an entrepreneurial spirit, is able to think and act outside the box
    • The participant sees opportunities, accepts responsibility and risks
    • The participant strives for continuous development
  • Openness
    • The participant is able to work at the intersection of national, age, professional and other cultures
    • The participant understands global trends and the Russian domestic agenda
    • The participant has excellent communication skills
  • Success
    • The Participant's major professional achievements
    • The Participant's community / social activities
  • IQ
    • The Participant's high level of intelligence (GMAT / GRE)
    • The Participant's English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELS, etc.)
    • Additional vocational education & training
  • Ambition
    • Having an ambitious project, business dream, or career goal

How to participate

  • Step 1

    Online application form
  • Step 2

    Application form, documents, essay

    A confirmation email will be sent to your email address within 2 days. The email will have a link to the Personal Account. To continue participating in the competition, you must:

    • fill out the application form,
    • attach a set of documents,
    • write an essay.

    All this will allow you to quickly check your compliance with the main requirements and to enter the next stage of the competition.

  • Step 3

    Talent Q Test

    Successful candidates will be sent a link to take the Talent Q Elements Aptitude Test.

    If the GMAT exam results are 650 points or higher, the candidate is exempted from this stage and proceeds to the next stage.

  • Step 4

    Admin fee

    Candidates pay an Admission Fee of 13 500 RUB.

  • Step 5

    English language proficiency testing

    English language proficiency testing. The test results must not be lower than B2 (upper-intermediate).

  • Step 6

    Assessment day

    Make an appointment with a consultant today!

    The participant of the grant competition is invited to the Campus to take part in the Assessment Day: Problem Solving case study and in teamwork.

  • Step 7


    The Admissions Committee chooses the competition finalists based on the results of all selection stages.

Only candidates who have successfully passed all the selection stages will qualify for the final stage of the SKOLKOVO MBA grant competition. In the Final, the candidates defend their project or solve and defend their business case in front of a commission.

  • Project defence

    Project presentation to the commission. This can be either your own business or a project developed within your company.

  • Business case solving and defence

    Solving a business case based on a real problem and presenting the solution to the commission.

Results of past competitions

  • The competition was held with the support of

    • International Paper
      Alpha Group
      A1 Investment Company
      SKOLKOVO Patrons Club
      GUM Trading House JSC
      PJSC Severstal
      Sberbank of Russia

    • Alexander Abramov
      Noubar Afeyan
      Ruben Vardanyan
      Filaret Galchev
      Herman Gref
      Dmitry Zimin
      Mikhail Kusnirovich
      Arkady Lifshits
      Leonid Melamed
      Leonid Mikhelson
      Konstantin Nikolaev
      Sergey Popov
      Andrey Rappoport
      Alexander Tynkovan
      Mikhail Shishkhanov
      David Yakobashvili

Interested? Leave your contact details and we will send you instructions on how to participate.

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