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An international programme offering everything you need to reach your full potential
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  • modular format
    SKOLKOVO Business School Campus

About the programme

SKOLKOVO MBA is an international educational programme for people looking to acquire a broad range of managerial knowledge and make a career leap or bring their business to a new level.

Start of training: November 2021

  • International accreditation

    One of the youngest EQUIS EFMD-accredited business schools

  • Global best practices

    Be tutored by professors from the world's top business schools

  • International modules

    Practical knowledge-oriented one-week modules in the United States and China

  • Consulting module with McKinsey

    Joint partner module with McKinsey - group work on real projects of Russian and international companies

  • Leadership course

    A crosscutting course on leadership brand awareness and development. Ends with an integration module in Kamchatka

  • Modular format

    The programme is offered in part-time format — one module takes place in one month and lasts from 4 days. This allows students to combine their studies with their work.

  • The module is supported by the company International Paper

Who is our programme for?

Every year, the SKOLKOVO MBA programme brings together a unique class made up of both entrepreneurs and corporate managers. The programme is designed such that each student acquires custom skills that are useful specifically for their goals.

  • Entrepreneurs
    • New business ideas, search for investments
    • Developing and scaling an existing business
    • Entering new markets
  • Managers
    • Knowledge for managing more complex and interesting projects
    • Career growth
    • Leaving the corporate sector to pursue a career as an entrepreneur

Graduates about the programme

Ivan Taluev

MBA-7 graduate. Deputy Director of the Corporate Strategy Department at Aeroflot

I decided to get an MBA for several reasons: development, expanding my horizons, and networking. I took quite a responsible approach to choosing a place of study and decided to go with SKOLKOVO Business School. I was attracted by the top-quality educational experience, the interesting programme and the convenient part-time training format. My classmates are an important part of my studies. The sharing of experience, the discovery of a wealth of new knowledge in non-core areas for me, positive emotions — I got all that thanks to them. I was most impressed by the module in Kamchatka, the most informative module in the programme, in my opinion. I recommend the programme!


We hold an annual grant competition and invite talented and ambitious candidates to participate.

Grants: EUR 15,000.00, EUR 20,000.00, EUR 30,000.00, EUR 45,000.00.

  • up to 75% of the tuition fee
  • max EUR 45,000.00
  • project defence or business case solution
  • special grants from partners
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