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Energy Transition 4.0

Programme for Managers on Strategy, Investment and Risk
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  • English (lectures with subtitles in Russian, seminars with simultaneous translation)
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About the Programme

Nowadays climate policy, low-carbon and sustainable development, decarbonization and ESG determine the main trends in the development of the world economy.

Energy transition is at the centre of these processes.

  • What is the Energy Transition, and what does it have to do with business in Russia and other resource-producing countries?
  • How serious are these trends — how much hype is in them, and how much is objective reality? 
  • What does it mean to Russia as the world's largest exporter of energy resources?
  • How to adapt the corporate strategy and how to change your own career?
  • What’s next for coal, oil, gas, and electricity?
Energy Transition 4.0
Energy Transition 4.0

Programme for Managers on Strategy, Investment and Risk

  • During the training, you will get a broad overview (helicopter view) of the energy transition, its economic, technological, political and social aspects and make your own idea of how these trends will affect your business, company and career.

Who is this programme for

Strategic, investment and risk managers

If you want to adapt the company’s strategy to the risks and opportunities of energy transition

Investors in the energy sector

If you are considering restructuring the investment portfolio between traditional and new ones

Employees of the ESG and Sustainable Development blocks

If you need a quick dive into the problems of energy transition and contacts with professionals for use in everyday work

Benefits of the programme

It's all online

To complete the course, you will only need an internet connection and a laptop/smartphone. You can study from any part of the world, while receiving all the advantages of full-time training

Live sessions

Online meetings 2 times a week. Discussions, homework analysis and answers to your questions from professors and experts. The broadcast is conducted from a specially equipped GLASSROOM studio, which creates the effect of presence.


The LMS Canvas is used for participation in the educational process by the leading business schools of the world. The student gets convenient access to lectures, assignments, feedback from professors, communication with classmates, networking - this all is in one place. Access to the system is maintained for 1 year.

Tutors' support

Several experts of the Energy centre work with each stream and help students throughout the course. The experts have participated in the creation of the course content and have a deep knowledge of various aspects of energy transition. You will always have the opportunity to quickly get informative responses to your questions.


The graduates of this course are 104 people from 26 countries. You will study with the same goal-oriented and interested people as yourself. The course will help you find new business partners and form a useful network of contacts

Role-Playing Game

The participants will be divided into teams-countries within the framework of the role-playing game "COP country meeting on climate" and will try to find a way to stop climate change without harming the economic growth of their countries

As Part of the Programme, You

    • Get access to short material, case studies, and strategies without unnecessary academic or technical complications, in a convenient online course schedule.
    • Develop your own understanding of the energy transition, its regional and country-specific features, consequences, and response strategies for key players.
    • Formulate ideas for developing your career or building a new business. Get access to the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO ecosystem and community.
    • Solve application problems by the Network with the help of the Energy Centre experts and external experts. Get acquainted with the practical examples of companies.

Programme structure

  • Module 1
    Definition and Drivers

  • Module 2
    Main Technological Elements

  • Module 3
    Impact on Key Stakeholders

  • Module 4
    Scenarios of the Future

Our program combines the expertise of the Energy Center, direct communication with industry leaders and advanced educational technologies of the No. 1 business school in Eastern Europe.

Leading Russian energy research centre by number of publications and business press references.

Over 30 research projects with global leading energy players and government agencies, broad academic partnership.

Energy dialogues and conferences, including industry dialogues, first EU-Russia climate conference with over 6500 participants.

Innovative educational products: Energy transition, Hydrogen economy, Decarbonization in oil and gas.

Programme Professors and Tutors

  • Irina Gaida
    Irina Gaida
    Energy Centre, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
  • Alexey Khokhlov
    Alexey Khokhlov
    Head of the Electric Power Sector, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
  • Yury Melnikov
    Yury Melnikov
    Senior Analyst, Energy Centre, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
  • Tatiana Mitrova
    Tatiana Mitrova
    Professor, Head of Research of the Energy Centre
  • Anastasia Perdereau
    Anastasia Perdereau
    Expert, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Experts of the Programme

  • Laszlo Varro
    Laszlo Varro
    Chief economist, International Energy Agency (IEA), France
  • Anna Romanovskaya
    Anna Romanovskaya
    Director of the Ya.A. Izrael Institute of Global Climate and Ecology (IGCE)
  • Adam Sieminski
    Adam Sieminski
    President of the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center(KAPSARC), Saudi Arabia
  • Jonathan Stern
    Jonathan Stern
    Distinguished Research Fellow, Natural Gas Research Programme, Oxford institute for energy studies

What is energy transition

Our students

  • 104
  • 26
  • 79

The course has already been completed by employees of these companies

Reviews on the Programme

I liked the system of 5-member teams in which students did their assignments. Such a way of working did a great job for the online working environment, so people could stay in one bunch.
Ishpreet Singh Brar
UBC Sauder School of Business
I found the course very useful because its content was designed in the way to be understandable for the technical professionals but also for the leaders of the energy transition across multiple sectors. The course was relevant and addressed the issues across the industry! I recommend this course to all people sitting on the board of Directors.
Bertha Dlamini
Group CEO Rito Group GSB - University of Cape Town
You have set a benchmark for online education. I have never experienced anything like this before.
Jon Almond
EMBA Saïd Business School, University of Oxford Operations Director, Golden Star Mining
The course resulted for me in a mind shift on the topic of energy transition.
Efim Suchkov
EMBA Skolkovo Director for Business Development, Gazprom Neft
This course was just absolutely top notch – it set a new standard for online education and interactive classroom experience.
Nathan Taylor
EMBA Yale School of Management Global Supply Manager, Merck
We covered every aspect of energy transition - I was amazed with the width and the depth of how we covered it in one week.
Lourens Jacobs
EMBA UNSW Sydney Business School Hydrogen Development Manager, Woodside Energy
It was a great experience to get trough! For me, coming out of oil and gas background, it opened a lot of key insights for me! It has sparked a new interest in me that I was looking forward! It was an extreme experience for me! In terms of the course: well-organized! A lot of gratitude to the SKOLKOVO Team! You did a fantastic job
Manjunath Narase Gowda
IE Business School
I’m, from Mexico. I’m working in national oil and gas industry. I am delighted to choose this course for GNAM week, and it has changed my impression of the energy transition. Now I have an excellent review of the issues that could be placing as a community. And for sure, I would start to try to be more efficient in my way of using energy. Thanks to my Team 1 and to Sergei as well!
Martha Karina Rivera-Medina
EGADE Business School
I really enjoy the course! I’m transitioning right now, living oil and gas to my own company in commercial real estate and also solar project developments. For me the course was very intense, but the impact of the course is really integrative, I think; really helped me think about energy in terms of the systems, energy efficiency, building lifecycles for my construction projects, solar for battery storage, and may be one day, hydrogen.
Osagie Omenai
Saïd Business School
I was really surprised by taking this course! I didn’t expect this at all: the structure, content! Actually, my interest to this course was like: Oh, I’m gonna take this course… The topic is interesting… and I like Russia...” In a sudden I got this comprehensive content, that was really intense, and I really loved it! I’m going to promote this course in my university, I’m gonna speak high about all you guys! I hope to meet you in SKOLKOVO! Thanks a lot!
Vinício Lopes Coimbra Salotti
Thank you so much for an awesome week - it’s great to meet you all and to learn from everyone! A huge thanks to all the experts and our instructions, especially to Sergei, who just kept contributing bits of knowledge throughout the week - it was super helpful and valuable. This week reaffirm that I want to focus my career in this aria - it’s so impactful and that what I’m planning to do! A quick comment on the Course, that the hole case study around ENEL was a very valuable peace! When you go from the theory to the implementation and you can see how important innovations are- it was just a great case to focus on!
Sunderji Fareen
Yale School of Management
Energy transition course has had a great impact on me! I came out with a different mindset! I’m leaving enriched with all the ideas and opportunities being at this course because of the work. It was pretty intense, but quite engaged as well! I truly enjoy it! Well done to the SKOLKOVO Team!
Elesie Ezenwanne
Project Lead Well Engineer, Royal Dutch Shell Saïd Business School
Great thanks to the teachers, my teammates and our tutor, Yuriy Melnikov! I think I had an excellent picture of the situation that we have right now and the future and the options we have. It was easy for me to cattle the information and went through everything that was on LMS Canvas SKOLKOVO
Jaime Grande Gutierrez
Senior Engineer, Airbus Defense and Space IE Business School
The thought content was really relevant! I liked the way the course looked at considerations of the government side and the privet sector side. It’s really good to understand spectres from the both sides; what is important and what big challenges are for both sides.
Ashirvad Sookun
Senior Manager, Power and Utilities, PwC Advisory UCT Graduate School of Business
In terms of the course, it was very rich and helpful! I was pleased with the tutors and The Enel Case, that gave us an alive example of the person - Enel’s Director for Industry Regulation and Government Relations - to not only experience the case on paper, but actually fill it through the feedback from somebody who was a witness of the company’s changes
Faisal Al Yousef
Chief Executive Officer, Al Yousef Group LLC Saïd Business School

How it was


Educational fee

Private client
165 000
140 250
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140 250
123 750
Offer ends 31 December



    PAO NOVATEK is the largest independent natural gas producer in Russia. The Company is principally engaged in the exploration, production, processing and marketing of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons and have more than 20 years of operational experience in the Russian oil and natural gas sector.

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Energy Transition 4.0

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