07 декабря 2021

SKOLKOVO Has Partnered with Matena, Armenia’s Newest Business School

SKOLKOVO and the Matena International School of Leadership and Professional Development signed a memorandum of understanding on December 6 in Yerevan. It was attended by Yuri Levin, dean of SKOLKOVO, and Ruben Hayrapetyan, executive director of Matena.
SKOLKOVO Has Partnered with Matena, Armenia’s Newest Business School
Content source: Matena International School of Leadership and Professional Development

The parties agreed to exchange educational programs and scientific and pedagogical materials, as well as conduct joint educational courses and research. Teachers and students alike will be able to participate in exchange programs, and SKOLKOVO and Matena will conduct joint summer schools, webinars and seminars.

«The SKOLKOVO School of Management is developing our international cooperation and expanding our regional presence, primarily in CIS countries. In this sense, Armenia is uniquely located, being a kind of hub connecting Eurasia with the rest of the world. We are happy to take part in such an ambitious and important project and share the experience of our various educational programs, as well our successful examples of introducing new technologies in education. The starting point for cooperation will be three joint open programs: for public sector leaders, for top managers and on women's leadership. The next stage of cooperation will be interactions in research activities and exchanging talents. It is always important to find like-minded people who share our goals, aspirations and ideas. I am sure that cooperation with Matena will become another striking example of SKOLKOVO's course on developing an international presence and expanding the geography of our partnerships,» said Mr. Levin, dean of SKOLKOVO School of Management.

«It is very important that this project will have not only a strong leader and high ambitions, but also a reliable partner – the best in its region: SKOLKOVO School of Management, ensuring that Matena will not be starting from scratch. It is a great success that, with a serious demand for competence and professionalism, both in the public and private sectors, an excellent team has been put together, which includes both participants of the project, brilliant professionals and global experts ready to help carry it out,» added Mr. Vardanyan, founding partner of SKOLKOVO and cofounder of the Matena International School of Leadership and Professional Development.

«Partnership with SKOLKOVO is of key importance for us. We have outlined Matena’s mission: promote professional skills and leadership qualities by collecting knowledge and sharing the best practices from around the world. We also know that SKOLKOVO is a bearer of vast advanced experience and one of the leading centers for developing progressive global practices in management and leadership, which for us is an essential component for our joint programs. Matena has already begun combining the experience of leading global and local specialists in order to gradually disseminate it in Armenia and achieve tangible results for our country. We are immensely happy and inspired by the knowledge that, starting today, SKOLKOVO is an official partner of Matena, and our joint programs will allow us to hit the ambitious goals that we have set for ourselves,» said Mr. Hayrapetyan, executive director of Matena.

The Matena International School of Leadership and Professional Development will open its doors to students in 2022. Together with SKOLKOVO school, Matena’s first educational programs are designed for top and middle managers, as well as business owners.

The School was founded by Ruben Vardanyan, who was a founding partner of UWC Dilijan International School and the SKOLKOVO School of Management, and Ruben Hayrapetyan, a doctor of economics and professor.

Education at Matena will be fee-based, but a system of grants is being set up that will expand the circle of students, and the School plans to hold free courses with the support of partners and sponsors.


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