November 2020

Northern Dimension Business’s response to COVID Challenge:

economic forecast, safety measures, support and aid programs
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    day, 11:00 — 16:30
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    Broadcast from SKOLKOVO business school

About the conference

For the first time, the Northern Dimension Forum will take place online on 20 November 2020. This time, the Forum focuses on the Northern Dimension Business’s response to COVID-19 challenge. Key-note speeches will address economic forecast, safety measures and as well as support and aid programmes.

The speakers include representatives from the Northern Dimension Member States and top-level Russian and European businesses. The event is organized by the Northern Dimension Business Council in cooperation with the Association of European Businesses and the Moscow Management School Skolkovo. The Forum is expected to attract more than 250 participants representing Russian and European key actors in the Northern Dimension area.


  • Tadzio Schilling
    Tadzio Schilling

    CEO, Association of European Businesses (AEB)

  • Biography

    Mr. Schilling was elected by representatives of the AEB’s member companies at the Annual General Meeting on March 17, 2020.

    Tadzio Schilling holds an MA in International Relations and an advanced MA in International History and Politics from the Graduate Institute Geneva, as well as an Executive MPA from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.


  • Alexander Grushko
    Alexander Grushko

    Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

  • Antti Helanterä
    Antti Helanterä

    Ambassador of Finland to the Russian Federation

  • Sergey Pavlov
    Sergey Pavlov

    First Deputy General Director, JSC Russian Railways (Russian Railways)

  • Jyri Häkämies
    Jyri Häkämies

    Director General, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK

  • Johan Vanderplaetse
    Johan Vanderplaetse

    Chairman of the Board, AEB, Senior Vice-President - President for Russia and CIS, Schneider Electric

  • Andrey Sharonov
    Andrey Sharonov

    President of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, Professor, Academic Director of the LIFT Programme, Executive Coach


  • Plenary meeting

    Moderator: Tadzio Schilling

    11.00 – 12.00

    Alexander Grushko, Markus Ederer, Antti Helanterä, Sergey Pavlov, Jyri Häkämies, Johan Vanderplaetse, Rolf Jansson, Alexey Mordashov

  • Working group meetings


    Energy and Energy Efficiency

    Ecology and Circular Еconomy

    Transport and Logistics

    Health and Lifestyle

    Creative industry – digital solutions for businesses (together with the Northern Dimension Partnership for Culture)

  • Reports of the working groups, wrap-up and vision of the future


  • Co-chairs:

    • Dmitry Troshenko, Deputy Director of Information and Education Centre, SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg»
    • Timo Mäkelä, Senior Advisor, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra


    Round Table «Ecology and Circular Economy»

    12:30–12:40 Opening remarks

    12:40–13:50 Encreasing Environmental Efficiency of Water Industry: experience of Vodokanal Saint Peterburg

    Olga Rublevskaya, Director of the Department for Analysis and Technological Development of Water Supply and Wastewater Systems, Vodokanal Saint Petersburg

    Circular Economy Business Opportunities

    Timo Mäkelä, Senior Advisor, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra 

    Kazan Circular Economy Innovation Center

    Speaker tbc, Kazan State Power and Engineering University

    13:50–14:00 Discussion, development and adoption of final recommendations 


  • Northern Dimension Business Council (NDBC)

    The initiative of creating NDBC and its concept was approved at the Northern Dimension Senior officials’ meeting in Stockholm on November 12, 2009.

    The Co-Chairmen of the NDBC are Alexey Mordashov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PAO “Severstal” from the Russian side and Rolf Jansson, President and CEO, VR Group, from the European side.

    The purpose of NDBC is to involve and integrate companies be a part of the Northern Dimension policy, so that these companies could achieve competitive advantage through their active participation in NDBC work.

    It is important that both the companies as well as authorities at all levels share the view that the business organizations can bring value added to the Northern Dimension policy, and that their viewpoints are notified. The fundamental idea of NDBC is that the competitiveness of any region in the world is based on trust between government and business; with a clear division of tasks, rights and responsibilities between business and government.

    The goals of NDBC could be summarized as follows:

    1. NDBC is a platform for interaction, experience-sharing and networking between companies.
    2. NDBC ensures that the view of business community will be taken into account in developing the Northern Dimension policy.
    3. NDBC is a platform for the dialogue between business and government structures.

    The practical work of the NDBC is carried out in working groups, which all have co-chairmen representing European and Russian companies.

    NDBC collaborates closely with other organizations aiming at improving business climate in the Northern Dimension area, such as EU-Russia industrialists’ Roundtable and the Association of

    European Businesses (AEB).

    All companies regardless of the country of origin are welcome to join the NDBC meetings – the only criterion is interest towards participating in efforts improving the investment climate in the Northern Dimension area.

  • The Association of European Businesses (AEB)

    Was created in 1995 by a number of companies operating on the Russian market, Ambassadors of EU member countries and the Head of the European Commission’s Representative Office in the Russian Federation.

    Is the main representative body on of foreign investors in Russia (from small-size newcomers to major multinational corporations). The Association also includes a number of key Russian, American, Japanese and other companies.

    Is a unique organisation developing cooperation between Russian and European business circles. The AEB mission is to improve the investment climate in Russia in the interests of its member companies, and to promote a favourable image of Russia abroad to improve business development conditions inside the country and attract foreign investors.

    Annually organises 100+ conferences, seminars, briefings and roundtable discussions dedicated to vital aspects of running a business in Russia. Regular speakers at the Association’s dialogue with European business include Ministers of the Russian Government, Heads of Administrations of the Russian regions, official representatives of international financial organisations, key economic agencies and organisations, independent experts as well as leading European and Russian businessmen.

    Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups. Committees and Working Groups are the backbone of the AEB. Currently, there are over 60 Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups representing companies from various industries.

    Lobbying. The Association promotes its members’ interests by closely cooperating with Russian, EU and EAEU authorities, and holding regular consultations with relevant officials. The European Commission and the Eurasian Economic Commission have regularly consulted with the Association regarding financial and commercial relations with the Russian Federation. The multi-level structure of the bilateral relations strengthens the role of the European business community. The AEB lobbying is based on the maximum transparency, high professionalism and a mechanism of reacting to new challenges which has been adjusted for many years.

    Consulting. The Association engages European and Russian experts to provide consulting services to Russian, European and Eurasian officials and member companies on legal, financial and economic matters. In particular, practical support is offered in safe and transparent investment, issues of human resources and corporate management.

    The AEB has two regional branches – in St. Petersburg and Krasnodar.

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