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Jubilee SKOLKOVO Business Festival

September 17, 2016, SKOLKOVO Campus



The most important business festival of the year

If you are just thinking about getting a business education and want to find out how it works, the festival will give you an opportunity to learn all about it first-hand from programme managers, alumni, students, and Business School professors. Thematic areas of all SKOLKOVO educational programmes will be available for you throughout the day. Find out what is right for you, think of questions to ask (tricky ones are welcome, too), meet new people and socialise—this is the way we do it here.

Any questions? Please ask Anastasiya:
+7 (903) 189 10 96 


8:30 - 10:00

The best minds wear running shoes

The traditional SKOLKOVO Mile race is held every year at the initiative of Yury Belonoschenko, one of the Business School graduates, with the participation of the SKOLKOVO Alumni Community. The distance of the race is 2,006 metres—a symbolic figure that coincides with the year the SKOLKOVO Business School was founded. The aim of the SKOLKOVO Mile is to promote a sports lifestyle among the representatives of the whole business community.
Participation fee is 2006 rub.
Register and pay online

10:30 – 12:00

Breakfast with alumni
and presentation of the EMBA and MBA programmes

A talk about business education without any reservations—ask the questions you have prepared, and those who, having tasted success in business, decided to immerse themselves again in the world of homework, exams, group work, and self-improvement for a year and a half, will happily share their experience. Find out how business education can be useful personally for you
Speaker: Maksim Feldman

Scythian Ladder business game
and presentation of the Practicum for Directors

If you represent a small or medium business company, this is exactly what you need. The programme manager will help you to define a personal and professional development trajectory so that your business will become larger and more efficient, and you will feel happier. Also, join the Scythian Ladder business game, which can drastically change your idea of leadership.

and presentation of the Startup Academy

If you have a great project idea, but do not know where to start to implement it, or if you want to test your project for feasibility and are ready to listen to constructive criticism, welcome to the Programme area, and you will learn all about the world of startups! Here you can also apply for participation in the pitching session
Speaker: Yury Mitin, Director of the Startup Academy

Presentation of the Open Programmes Calendar
for the new academic year

Learn all about new technologies and trends in the field of staff training.

Workshop Corporate Transformation

We will discuss how to take your company to the 21st century and make it self-developing, self-learning and flexible.
Speaker: Andrey Shishakov

Interactive discussion about women's entrepreneurship
(SKOLKOVO Women Association)

Business as women see it, or what makes you a successful businesswoman, sister? Our alumnae achieve great success as entrepreneurs; they launch and successfully develop their own projects in Russia and abroad. This discussion is an attempt to understand how the female principle is manifested in business.

Round table of the SKOLKOVO Investor Club

The topic for discussion is the future of venture capital investment in Russia and abroad. Round table participants, including private investors and representatives of leading venture funds, will discuss how they see the future of the venture investment market, what and where they invest today to perform well tomorrow.
Moderator: Vitaly Polekhin

Session of the SKOLKOVO Club of Independent Directors: Corporate Governance in the Era of Digital Technology

Practical Aspects of the Work of a Board of Directors in New Environment. AGILE: re-start of a board of directors. Learn about the experience of creating boards of directors in private companies, the development stage that is appropriate for this, and the competencies and experience of board members that are now in demand.
Moderator: Tatiana Olifirova, Chairman of the Board of the Club of Independent Directors

12:30 – 14:00

Panel discussion Next 10 Years, or How did it all start

Moderator: Andrei Sharonov
Speakers: Igor Shuvalov, Ruben Vardanyan, Andrei Volkov

Career counselling

Learn how to build the most effective personalised career path, and how an MBA degree can help you to do it.

Business case

Business case and consultations on the guidance on the application process

Practicum for Directors
Meeting with alumni

Find out from the Programme alumni how to scale your business and how to break the glass ceiling.

Startup Academy
Pitch-marathon - application

Be prepared for straightforward, but always constructive feedback

14:30 – 16:30

HR-club: HR Tech

Learn all about new technologies and trends in the field of staff training.
The meeting will bring together HR directors and business leaders to discuss new technologies and trends in staff development, the role of HR in change management, and to envisage the future of the profession.

Corporate only

Diploma Awarding Ceremony

The ceremony of awarding diplomas to alumni of the Executive MBA Programme, the Practicum for Directors and the Startup Academy 2016
Registration for relatives and guests of the ceremony will be held on the Campus.
Parking is free and available to all guests.


Top Human Resources Trends for the Next Decade
Joined panel by SKOLKOVO Alumni Business Communications Club and SKOLKOVO Alumni HR Club

Top Human Resources Trends

Alumni Only

Seesion Next 10 years in the Industry and Construction

Large industrial sites: how to build partnerships with the government and industry leaders, where to look for advanced technologies, and how to automate the life cycle of a production company? Opinions of top managers of construction companies.

EMBA and MBA programmes
Leadership workshop conducted by Andrei Volkov

Leadership workshop conducted by Andrei Volkov, the first Dean and Professor of the SKOLKOVO Business School, as well as individual counselling for those planning to enrol on the Programme.

Presentation of the Practicum for Directors and workshop "Crisis: Time for new ideas"

In a crisis, be aware of the danger - but recognize the opportunity.
Speaker - Evgeny Plaxenkov

and presentation of the Startup Academy

Pitch-marathon for the most daring startupers: present your projects to the strict jury composed of business angels, coaches, and experts and be prepared for straightforward, but always constructive feedback.

Session The Search for Business Growth

Supported by Moscow Exchange
Strategies and best practices

A Heart to Heart Conversation. 10 Years On
Panel Session

We invite you to talk “heart to heart” about these important things: disruptive capitalism, humanitarian values, good deeds and the personal involvement of each of us in philanthropic projects. After all, it is our actions which determine what kind of world we will find ourselves in 10 years from now.
Details Register

Workshop Crowdfunding in Action How to Successfully Attract Funding for a Startup

Denis Shapkarin, an expert of the crowdfunding platform, will reveal the secrets of the most successful cases and the reasons why investors were interested in them. You will also learn how to test the potential of your project without taking out any loans or using own savings.

17:00 – 18:30

Brotherhood of Dreams: How to Build a Successful Business Following Your Dream
Interactive interview with Peter Jackson

Interactive discussion with the world-famous New Zealand film director and screenwriter, author of the film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien.
Please note that places are limited; online translation will be available.

18:30 – 19:30

Concert dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Business School

Well, we have done some studying, and now it's time to dance! The headliner will be announced very soon, so follow the news about the Business Festival.

19:30 – 21:30

Drone Magic & Racing Show

FORMULA DRONE – is a project that brings together high technology, show business and sports, changing habitual world. Team Drone Racing Moscow - member of the first races on drones World Cup in history in 2016 will introduce guests of the business festival to bright racing show in the night sky over the campus and show the audience the possibility of racing drones.
Official site:

Intellectual game: alumni vs. applicants.

For those who have developed a taste for mental exercise, we have prepared an intellectual battle for dessert. This is no joke: applicants will fight against experts — the alumni of the SKOLKOVO MBA and EMBA programmes.

All day


SKOLKOVO Alumni Fair: 10 за 10

A fair of the most interesting and inspiring projects of SKOLKOVO Business School alumni, developed over the past 10 years. You will meet the authors of these projects—the alumni of all SKOLKOVO programmes, and will have a chance to test the projects directly at the venue and to find out the secrets of success from their creators.

Photo exhibition: SKOLKOVO & INTERNATIONAL PAPER: From a sketch to a space rocket

This exhibition has been arranged with the support of our long-time inquisitive partner—International Paper and is a joint attempt to dream about the future and our role in it. The central figures of this art project are children of the Business School’s alumni who were born during the past 10 years.


Alumni Food Fair

The birthday is not a proper birthday without celebratory snacks! The most delectable alumni projects in one place. Have a taste of SKOLKOVO!


Campus Tours

Take a guided tour through the one of the most magnificient educational campuses in the world

Children's play area from Baby Club

Our partner Baby Club will organise a special area for our visitors with children, which will be open from 10:00 to 18:00, and where activities will be held for children from the age of 8 months to 8 years.

Monsiki Valley

Project “Monsiki” invites to "Monsiki Valley", where children with the help of teachers and Monsiki get acquainted with all the emotions and learn to recognize them! An interesting quest and gifts from "Monsiki Academy"!


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1. I have read everything, and I still do not understand whether or not I have to buy a ticket for the Business Festival.

The event is free, but you have to register and wait for the confirmation that we are expecting you.

2. Can I come if I sent an application, but have not received a confirmation?

If it has been 24 hours since you sent your application, and you have not received a positive/negative reply from us, please contact technical support service:

Do I have to print out the registration confirmation?

It is not necessary to print out the confirmation of registration; you may only show it on your mobile device or tablet.

4. I want to take along my wife/friend/relative. Do I have to register them?

Registration is required for all guests.

Can I bring my children?

The Business Festival events are designed for guests aged 18 and older. However, our partner Baby Club will organise a special zone for our visitors with children, which will be open from 10:00 to 18:00, and where activities will be held for children from the age of 8 months to 8 years.

Will simultaneous interpreting be available at the festival?

All events with the participation of foreign speakers will be translated into Russian.

What is the dress code?

Smart casual

Will there be free parking available?

Free parking will be available on the Campus throughout the event.

Will special transportation be provided to take guests to the SKOLKOVO Campus?

Special transportation is not provided for, but you can get to the Campus by car or take shuttle bus No. 523 from the Slavyansky Bulvar (Slavic Boulevard), Park Pobedy (Viktory Park), or Kievskaya metro stations to the bus stop Shkola Upravleniya (School of Management).

Do I need to buy an extra pass for the car?

It is not necessary to order an additional pass for your car.

Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO


Novaya ul. 100, Skolkovo village, Odintsovsky District, Moscow Region

How to get there:

by car or take shuttle bus No. 523 from the Slavyansky Bulvar (Slavic Boulevard), Park Pobedy (Viktory Park), or Kievskaya metro stations to the bus stop Shkola Upravleniya (School of Management).

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