Anton Ovchinnikov

Anton Ovchinnikov

Professor, Smith School of Business at Queen's University (Canada)

    Management Analytics

    Sustainable development


    Anton Ovchinnikov is a Distinguished Professor of Management Analytics at Smith School of Business, Queen’s University, Canada, and a Visiting Professor at INSEAD. He holds a specialist degree in economics from his hometown university in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, and a PhD in operations management from the University of Toronto.

    His research interests are in the intersection of Management Analytics (Management Science and Operations Management) with Marketing and Economics. These include on the theoretical side: analyses of strategic behaviour of consumers and firms, innovative operations, and environmental and social sustainability, and on the applied — data driven decision-making in business, government, and non-profit sectors.

    He published extensively in both the leading research journals, such as Management Science, Operations Research, Manufacturing & Services Operations Management and Production and Operations Management, and the leading practice-oriented journals, such as Harvard Business Review.

    Anton teaches courses on data-driven decision making, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), operations and supply chain management, and pricing analytics in the MBA and EMBA programs, in specialized programs in management analytics, and in multiple open and executive education programs around the world.

    He also consults on the topics of advanced analytics and AI, including for sustainability and ESG applications.

    Anton is twice the winner of the “Faculty of the Year” Award for the Master in Management Analytics (MMA) program at Smith School of Business, a co-winner of the 2020 UPS Prize (for the world’s best program in analytics) by the Institute of Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS). His research received numerous prestigious recognitions, such as the 2015 Paul Kleindorfer Award in Sustainability from the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS). Anton is also a prolific case writer and a three-times winner of INFORMS Case Competitions (2005, 2011 and 2021) for the best new cases in analytics. Lastly, he organized several conferences and is on the editorial review boards of several leading academic journals; his contributions to the academic community also received multiple service awards.

    Prior to his current appointments, Anton taught MBA and EMBA data and decision analysis courses at the University of Virginia, and management science and supply chain management courses at the University of Toronto. Before starting his academic career, he worked in Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia in commercializing high- tech developments and co-owned a business in industrial and architectural design. Anton still owns a boutique consulting firm and serves on boards of several international commercial and non-profit organizations.

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