27 August 2021

SKOLKOVO to Celebrate Its Fifteenth Anniversary on September 18

On September 18, the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary and mark the occasion with its first-ever Founders' Day 2021. This is the main business event of the fall season that comprises discussions with top experts, topic-specific master classes, networking, presentation of diplomas to graduates and a grand light show.
SKOLKOVO to Celebrate Its Fifteenth Anniversary on September 18

All events of the Founders' Day 2021 will take place at the School's campus in hybrid format (offline events and online broadcasts).

The official opening of the event and the start of celebration will be at 10 am Moscow time.

The graduation ceremony will begin at 10:05 am Moscow time.

The guest list includes:

  • Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Noubar Afeyan;
  • Chairman of VEB.RF Igor Shuvalov;
  • Deputy Chairwoman of VEB.RF and member of SKOLKOVO’s Management Board Natalya Timakova;
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of AEON Corporation Roman Trotsenko;
  • President of IMD Jean-Francois Manzoni;
  • Director of Yandex’s e-commerce and logistics services business group Daniel Shuleiko;
  • and other Russian and international experts.

The event’s business programme consists of:

Highlight session by Ruben Vardanian and Nubar Afeyan, starting at 2:35 pm Moscow time, to be held in the online format;

Four topic-specific streams with various master classes and business sessions on the topics:

  1. "The Future of Elites in Russia and the World”
  2. "Female Leadership”
  3. "Talent On Demand. Building an Open Circuit Organization"
  4. "Ecosystems. Business Logic and Real Effects"
  5. "Team: Paradoxes of Effectiveness"
  6. "Is It Possible to Make Human Behaviour a Manageable Part of Your Business"
  7. "AI As a Strategic Business Bid"
  8. "HR As a Business Partner"
  9. "What Is the Value of Management Analytics for Business"
  10. "Corporate Conflicts: How Russia Chose the Strong Arm Style of Negotiations."

Presentation of a new project by Ruben Vardanian, David Gorodiansky and Magomed Musaev - ImpactFuture - a platform for investing in impactful business projects through specialised competitions.

The entertainment programme for the School's anniversary celebration will include a grand light show on the façade of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO building.

Founders Day 2021 is an event for the School's founders and patrons, strategic partners, sponsors, alumni and their families, and the media.


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