01 November 2021

Skolkovo Graduate in Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Founder of the foodtech project Food Rocket and graduate of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO’s Practicum programme, Vitaly Alexandrov has now entered the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, as reported by the magazine’s website.
Skolkovo Graduate in Forbes 30 Under 30 List
Content source: DR

«In 2018, the entrepreneur enrolled at SKOLKOVO Business School and started to take a close look at the foodtech sector. During his training, he became acquainted with Yury Mashentsev, franchisee of Dodo Pizza. Together with Samutin and Mashentsev, Alexandrov came up with the idea of launching the restaurant sales forecasting and food write-off optimization service, Foodcast.ai», the website reports.

To enter new markets outside Russia, the partners renamed the project Foody, and, subsequently, Food Rocket, and started to develop it as a marketplace for restaurants, grocery stores and food suppliers.

By 2020, Foody had around 30 clients in San-Francisco, Los-Angeles and New-York, writes Forbes, quoting Alexandrov. In November 2020, the startup raised 5 million roubles from the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF).

In April this year, the funds Baring Vostok, AltalR Capital, the venture investors’ club Angel Desk, Artur Shamalov, founder of British food delivery service Jiffy Grocery, and Philipp Bashyan, co-founder of Yandex.Chef, agreed to invest 2 million dollars in Food Rocket.

Today, Food Rocket's line includes ready-to-eat food as well as groceries for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alexandrov is planning a full-scale expansion in the USA and Canada. He wants to set up 165 warehouses there by April 2022, for which he intends to raise a new round.


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