15 December 2021

SKOLKOVO Business School and MIPT to launch joint undergraduate programme

Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) are to launch a joint undergraduate programme for the first time. Admissions will open in summer 2022.
SKOLKOVO Business School and MIPT to launch joint undergraduate programme
Content source: Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

The four-year program will be delivered offline by professors from MIPT and SKOLKOVO, as well as visiting professors from the world’s leading business schools on both the SKOLKOVO and MIPT Campuses. 

 What to know about SKOLKOVO’s undergraduate business programme:

  • Graduates will receive dual degrees: the SKOLKOVO Bachelor of Business Administration and a state-recognised diploma from MIPT;
  • Applicants will have the chance to receive scholarships covering up to 100% of course costs depending on their financial circumstances;
  • A flexible learning programme with a wide range of disciplines to choose from will allow students to create their own individual learning paths;
  • The undergraduate programme is built on several educational models which provide in-depth study of mathematics and physics, immersion in social sciences and the humanities, and the acquisition of business competencies;
  • Students will complete internships at SKOLKOVO partners’ and graduates’ companies, significantly boosting their chances of successfully finding work after graduation.

To enroll, applicants must gain no less than 85/100 on each examination in their Unified State Exam in the Russian Language, Mathematics and one other subject of their choice. In order to compete for scholarships, applicants will be assessed for their abilities in physics and mathematics from MIPT and go through face-to-face assessment of their other qualifications at SKOLKOVO School of Management. 

“The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO team is embarking on a project in a highly promising area. With the rapid development of the IT sphere and high demand for business education, we are seeing a serious lack of specialists who have the competencies essential for the leaders of the next decade. Our business undergraduate programme will fill this gap, and its future graduates will not only have advanced mathematical capabilities, but also skills in management, finances and decision-making. This will give graduates of this unique course diverse possibilities for career development in a range of spheres,” noted Yuri Levin, Dean of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
“Just as it did 75 years ago, MIPT continues to find solutions to global technological challenges. One of the priorities for MITP’s development today is the education of highly-skilled personnel capable of overseeing a technology transfer in the Russian and world economies. We are interested in expanding our entrepreneurship ecosystem and strengthening high-tech business at MIPT. Graduates of the new undergraduate programme will acquire a unique set of skills and knowledge which will allow them to successfully integrate into innovation projects at all levels,” added Dmitry Livanov, Rector of MIPT

Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and MIPT already have experience of running joint educational programmes: since 2020 they have been teaching specialists on the Digital Technology in Business Master’s programme.


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