SKOLKOVO Community Gets Together for the New Year Celebration in the Family Day Format

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Moscow, December 20, 2016. – On Saturday, December 17, the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO held its Family Day—the only day of the year when the Campus of the largest business school in Russia and the CIS resembles a Christmas market, where people play, dance, and engage in crafts. SKOLKOVO students and alumni, partners and friends gathered together to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

SKOLKOVO: SKOLKOVO Community Gets Together for the New Year Celebration in the Family Day Format

The New Year celebration attended by more than 1,000 guests of all ages was held in the Family Day format. The festive programme of the event was prepared exclusively by the School's alumni and partners. The key element of the celebration was The New Year Adventure in the Monsiki Valley—a musical performance for children, staged by the creative team headed by Viktoria Shimanskaya, a Startup Academy alumnae. The purpose of the New Year performance was to develop emotional intelligence, and the story combined with songs, dances, and games held the children's attention for almost an hour and a half.

Adult visitors to the Campus attended the meeting with Marina Loshak, Director of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. Marina Loshak and Andrei Sharonov, President of the Business School, spoke about what role a modern museum should and can play in the life of the present-day family, shared the plans for the museum's development in the next few years and the construction of a museum district, told the audience about the arts patronage culture and the history of the museum's collection. The full recording of Marina Loshak's lecture is available at the SKOLKOVO Business School web page on Facebook.

On the same day—December 17—the Campus also hosted the final defence of projects prepared by the participants of the Startup Academy Junior-2, the first entrepreneurship educational programme for secondary school students. The parents of the 34 young participants had an opportunity to see what their children had learned in the few weeks of intense study: the presentation was held in the Pitch Desk format, that is, the students were to prove the viability of their projects to a panel of experts and answer their questions.

Another Family Day event was the opening of the Hall of Fame of the SKOLKOVO Sailing Club—probably the most famous alumni association—in Europe cluster. The sailing team was set up in 2013, and it has already gained the reputation of being one of the strongest teams among the world's business schools. Now the Skolkovo Campus boasts of another sculpture—The Monument to the Hero of the Future, executed by the Russian artist Misha Most. The mission of the Hall of Fame is to show the SKOLKOVO Sailing Club members' love of sailing, and to encourage all visitors to get into action and accomplish new feats.

The Family Day activities were prepared with the assistance of the School's students and alumni, as well as its partners. More than 30 companies organised various workshops, arranged studios, sold their products, and entertained the young guests on the Campus. The children and their parents visiting the celebration were offered a variety of activities designed to fit every taste—from engineering workshops to intellectual games, the ideas for which were borrowed from the best educational institutions in the world.

The youngest guests of the event were thrilled with the playground, with its slides, merry-go-rounds and swings, and fascinating workshops, organised by the Baby Club network of children's intellect care centres founded by the Executive MBA alumnus Yury Belonoschenko. Near the playground, the sensory room provided by Roman Group gave visitors an opportunity to experience new sensations for all the senses. The workshop in modern computer animation from CrushPro School enabled the guests of the holiday to find their calling. The SQUADRA team conducted cognitive quests across the huge SKOLKOVO Campus and held a championship in nerfing, a game that currently enjoys unprecedented popularity—children from 6 to 14 years of age competed in shooting blasters using soft, and, therefore, maximally safe bullets.

The event participants played Stanford's famous game to find out who of them were stronger—SKOLKOVO Business School students and alumni or their children; they competed in the What? Where? When? quest with the Letovo School teacher of physics; and the LingvoNanny service held an entertaining interactive workshop in English for little kids aged three years and older.

The most curious guests of the celebration had a chance to feel like real scientists. The workshops in robotics, presented by ROBOLAB Kids, attracted an impressive number of budding inventors and designers of all ages, and helped them to immerse themselves into the exciting world of science and technology. Not only did the children get to know the basics of robotics, but they also learned to apply them in everyday life. Now, for example, each kid will be able to get off a desert island with the help of a robot constructed from available materials with his or her own hands. Garage Kulibin Pro invited visitors to embark on an exciting adventure involving construction engineering, modelling, and promotional design for the whole family. The greatest fantasisers and dreamers tried to catch a blizzard in a flask, cooked a golden solution, and made fireworks at the New Year in Vitro interactive workshop held by the JUST DILIJAN IT educational camp.

We could not leave sports enthusiasts unentertained—it was specially for them that the ROSA RUN Running Festival was held, and its participants showed that they had not only quick feet, but also quick wits.

The Business School's long-term partners—the Lomonosov Private School and MasterCard—had also organised their interactive sites. The Lomonosov Private School teachers taught anyone willing to play chess, showed them how to do crafts and make scrapbooks, while MasterCard had prepared a photo zone and invited caricaturists.

The guests had an opportunity to make New Year gifts with their own hands any time throughout the day. The bright plastic clay of all colours and most vibrant shades, courtesy of Play Doh, captured the attention of young art lovers, who created real masterpieces under the guidance of experts. International Paper opened a real origami workshop, and Ozhivayka—an interactive augmented reality 3D colouring book—delighted guests with the opportunity first to colour a drawing, and then to animate it. The Shusha project offered wooden toys with new ideas and recognisable design, immensely liked by both children and adults.

All those present at the festival had a splendid opportunity to learn and to have fun, to buy New Year presents for their loved ones, and to eat delicious dishes. At the stalls arranged by the companies of SKOLKOVO Business School alumni and partners, the participants of the event could buy modern books for children to nurture their developing minds and for grown-ups, provided by Clever Publishing House, exclusive children's toys and furniture from Princess V, and even single fitness passes to hundreds of sports clubs in Moscow, offered by Fitmost. Unilever, the Business School's strategic partner, treated all guests to ice cream, and offered tea from the Lipton tea corner, which the company representatives had arranged on the Campus.

By purchasing Cool Stuff sets for creating a Christmas mood, guests not only received gifts they could give to their friends, but also helped orphans, since most of the money from the sale went to the Here and Now Foundation. In addition, the event participants wrote congratulations on New Year cards to be sent to elderly people living alone all over Russia and participated in a charity raffle, organised for the benefit of lonely senior citizens by the Starost v Radost (Enjoying Old Age) Charity Foundation, as well as bought "Life Buttons"—devices sending one-click signals about the need for medical care.

Lucky Child offered a wide selection of designer clothing for newborns. Bold and romantic handmade porcelain ornaments could be purchased at the Rock`n`Heart booth. Delicious edible Christmas gifts had been supplied by the farm with the name Dlya Svoikh (For Nearest and Dearest), producing healthy organic products. Wholesome treats were also offered to guests by Ugleche Pole Agricultural Holding Company, while La Princesse Choco Chocolate Studio provided the opportunity to purchase incredibly beautiful handmade chocolate sweets. Fitoguru supplied functional drinks to make up for dietary deficiency, and Dushistye Radosti (Scented Joys) presented natural soap and New Year tree decorations made of cotton.

In between the workshops, performances, and quests, SKOLKOVO guests tasted the most delicious foods offered by Plov No. 1,, Coffee Piu, DeliMarché, and many other caterers.

The SKOLKOVO Family Day was held with the invaluable support from the Business School's friends and partners—the Lomonosov Private School, Clever Publishing House, SQUADRA, our permanent partner in team building, and Monsiki, the company promoting the development of children's emotional intelligence.

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