SKOLKOVO Business School and International Paper have conducted Leadership Module for MBA-7 students in Kamchatka

Friday, 27 April 2018

Moscow, April 27, 2018. – The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO together with International Paper, its strategic partner, have conducted—for the third time already—the final module of the MBA educational programme in the extreme conditions of the Kamchatka Peninsula. This year, 42 students of the programme took part in the module devoted to leadership development. During the 7-day expedition to Kamchatka, the participants analysed their experience gained during the MBA programme, reflected on various aspects of strategic leadership and the role of the leader in a team, and also ‘stress-tested’ themselves in the harsh climatic conditions of the peninsula. The programme of the final module consisted of three stages: immersion, challenges, and reflection. The group met its final challenge under the leadership of Andrei Volkov, the first Dean of the SKOLKOVO Business School, world-class master of sports in mountaineering, and a member of the expedition to the most dangerous mountain in the world—К2.

SKOLKOVO: SKOLKOVO Business School and International Paper have conducted Leadership Module for MBA-7 students in Kamchatka

Keith Townsend, President of International Paper in Russia: “We are proud of our strategic partnership with the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, which is aimed at shaping the future business leaders of Russia. We are particularly happy to support the leadership module in Kamchatka in the year when we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our operations in Russia. We hope that the experience gained by the participants of the module in Kamchatka will help them to build their business leadership strategy confidently.”

Andrei Volkov, Academic Supervisor of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, the first Dean: “It is important for MBA students to know themselves, to understand their goals, and to be able to ‘remodel’ their own life as a manager. It is practically impossible to do this in standard classroom conditions. This is why we chose Kamchatka, which is quite an exotic place. In my opinion, this module is a sort of rapid training course for doing business with its volatility, when you can lose everything at any moment or, on the contrary, come out a winner.”

Maxim Feldman, Head of the MBA and EMBA Programmes Division and Private Customers Division: “Present-day entrepreneurs are leaders, but the turbulent environment makes serious adjustments to the concept of leadership. Paraphrasing Galileo, I can say that one cannot teach a person to be a leader, but one can help him find leadership qualities in himself. This is the goal we set before ourselves when conducting the final module of the programme in Kamchatka: we put MBA students in conditions that will bring out their leadership potential. The MBA-7 students got this opportunity: during the expedition, they made a big step towards being leaders who can show the way and encourage others to follow them.”

International Paper has participated in the development of the SKOLKOVO MBA field module in Kamchatka for three consecutive years As a strategic partner of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO since 2010, the company provides comprehensive support for the School’s initiatives in three key areas: Talent development and MBA programme support, strategic leadership, and sustainable development. International Paper has traditionally supported SKOLKOVO’s flagship MBA programme.

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