SKOLKOVO Startup Academy Alumni Present Projects to the Leading Russian Investors


Moscow, December 16, 2016. – On December 14, 2016, the Investors Day was held on the Campus of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO where the students of the Startup Academy’s Group 11 defended their projects before business angels, representatives of Russia’s leading venture capital funds and members of the SKOLKOVO Entrepreneurial Community. Pitch Deck format was chosen for the presentations: every participant got three minutes to defend his or her project and three more minutes to answer the questions of the members of an independent jury. By tradition, the Investors Day concluded the nine-week long educational programme and was timed to coincide with the graduation of the Startup Academy students.

SKOLKOVO: SKOLKOVO Startup Academy Alumni Present Projects to the Leading Russian Investors

The Startup Academy alumni develop their projects in such fields as education, sport, medicine, and landscape design. Two graduates of the PRACTICUM Programme presented their projects non-competitively.

Twelve alumni of the Startup Academy presented the following projects:

  • Oksana Kukharchuk.—an online learning platform.
  • Yury Rudchik. PRIME Snowboards—a Russian snowboard manufacturer.
  • Pavel Nechaev. ShowMed—an online business analysis service for medical institutions.
  • Mikhail Chernov. ZUBMILL—a platform for exchanging dental products manufacturing orders.
  • Anna Grigorova. ABCdance—a system for child development through dancing.
  • Anton Krivov. Primula—a turn-key landscape design service.
  • Olga Mitrofanova. Zucker Show—a show about startups.
  • Konstantin Deblikov. Cyberman—an international contest for the cybermen.
  • Vladimir Pimenov.—an online sports equipment rental shop.
  • Alexander Sakharov. Shtormgrad—a fantasy camp for children.
  • Stanislav Che. Anonim—a new-generation anonymous social network.
  • Natalya Peryazeva. Dom u Parka (The House by the Park)—a hotel chain for senior citizens.

The PRACTICUM Programme was represented by two projects:

  • Andrey Dubinkin. Flext—a flexible metal section.
  • Evgeny Zhuravlev. Manufacture of waste-water treatment facilities for industrial enterprises.

The jury consisted of: business angels Alexey Goryachev, Maxim Karpov, Stanislav Kotomkin, Kirill Belov (Impulse VC), Petr Polyakov (iTech Capital), Lyubov Simonova (RVC Fund), Evgeny Timko (FinStar), and Alexey Tuknov (Maxfield Capital).

Based on the results of the projects presentation, Vladimir Pimenov with his service was declared the winner. Mikhail Chernov with his Zubmill project was second-best. Alexander Sakharov with his Shtormgrad children’s camp was ranked third.

“One of the clear advantages of participating in the united Investors Day is the opportunity to plunge into the unique ecosystem that was created among the students and alumni of the SKOLKOVO Business School. An ability to present one’s project in a competent manner, the freshness of an idea, and timely investments are, undoubtedly, important for the successful implementation of a business project, but good connections and mutual help are just as important, too. This is exactly what the ever-increasing SKOLKOVO Community offers,” said Pavel Annenkov.

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