SKOLKOVO Business School Welcomes the 2 nd Class of the Startup Academy Junior


Moscow, November 28, 2016. – On November 25, the second group of the Startup Academy Junior, an educational programme in entrepreneurship for schoolchildren aged 13–17, has begun their studies at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. The list of participants includes 34 schoolchildren from Russian regions (Moscow, Moscow Region, Ulyanovsk, Novosibirsk and Smolensk) and two schoolchildren from Minsk. MasterCard international payment system became the partner of the programme. Lipton and the SKOLKOVO Startup Academy’s graduate Vladimir Mamut have provided educational grants for two students.

SKOLKOVO: SKOLKOVO Business School Welcomes the 2 nd Class of the Startup Academy Junior

The Startup Academy Junior’s educational programme includes business simulation, team building, presentation-making, marketing and sales components. The courses are taught on the Campus of the SKOLKOVO Business School from Friday to Sunday up to December 18, 2016. Victoria Pavlova, professor of the Startup Academy and the CEO at BimBasket, is the programme director.

Victoria Pavlova, the STARTUP ACADEMY JUNIOR director:

Children should choose this kind of education consciously, and that is why we ask our participants about their reasons for joining the programme several times during the interviews. We hear different reasons: to gain new knowledge, to understand how to do business, how to launch a project, how to make money, etc. Everybody agrees on one thing, though: they want to define their plans for the future and to make new friends. More often than not, they achieve that—and more. According to the students of the first group, 11 years of school haven’t taught them as much as one week of our programme.

Before we started to develop the Startup Academy Junior, we had studied the world’s experience and looked at different entrepreneurship programmes for schoolchildren available globally, while also trying to take into account the Russian context. We combined it with the SKOLKOVO Business School’s experience and added the best professors and speakers to the mix. We also decided not to simplify the material, but to use serious business language in our communication with children.

Mikhail Khomich, the author of the STARTUP ACADEMY JUNIOR programme and Head of the SKOLKOVO Mentoring Association:

Teaching children about entrepreneurship is a major trend recognised even by national leaders. We believe that it is necessary to change schoolchildren’s perception of entrepreneurs, and we try to do so through education. Beside the lectures, children will hear success stories of entrepreneurs themselves, which might encourage them to choose creating their own business down the road.

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