Language: English / Russian (simultaneous translation provided), most educational materials are available in English only
The programme cost: 555 000 Rubles
Diploma: standard SKOLKOVO Diploma.

How to apply?

First of all, you have to complete the Application form, pay the application fee (50 Euros) and send us your CV. After that we will invite all candidates who successfully passed this admission step to the final interview.


Programme Structure

1. The part-time programme

trainings in the evenings (two times per week) and on weekends

2. The two-week immersion in Silicon Valley (USA)

testing and developing your ideas
learning from startups in Silicon Valley
meetings with seasoned venture capital investors
Integration into a unique ecosystem

3. 3 months in the SKOLKOVO business incubator (based on a decision of the expert committee)

Elements of an educational module

Week 1
Business model generation and customer development

Week 2
Sales and Marketing

Week 3
Financials of start-ups

Week 4
Team-building, startup management and pitching to investors

Week 5
Reality check and pitching

Week 6 (Silicon Valley)
Studying the experience of Silicon Valley startups and immersion into the ecosystem

Week 7 (Silicon Valley)
Raising capital and networking in Silicon Valley

Week 8
Product development and web-tools

Week 9
Monetisation models and negotiations

Week 10
Project launch preparation and Investors' Day