Language: English / Russian (simultaneous translation provided), most educational materials are available in English only
The programme cost: 555 000 Rubles
Diploma: standard SKOLKOVO Diploma.

How to apply?

First of all, you have to complete the Application form, pay the application fee (50 Euros) and send us your CV. After that we will invite all candidates who successfully passed this admission step to the final interview.

Our philosophy

Programme philosophy


No programme offers the combined set of practical education combined with international business acceleration. Neither universities or business schools make entrepreneurship practical enough. Many Russian entrepreneurs recognize that they lack the skills and basic knowledge in conducting business as well as recognized international expertise. SKOLKOVO Startup Academy solves this problem by combining formal training with leading international professors with hands on experience on real projects and attracting the best experts as mentors and coaches.

The world's leading incubators and accelerators choose only several projects out of thousands; Russia, however, is still lacking a solid stream of interesting deals. We see a huge potential in Russia for the development and implementation of business ideas and an equally large knowledge gap; that is why the Startup Academy SKOLKOVO creates an ecosystem and an environment for their birth, growth and realization. The method Startup Academy employs is based on the Customer Development-Business Model Generation method, that focuses on refining the business model of the startup, understanding who the customers/markets are and developing and testing a set of related hypotheses about your startup in a fast and efficient process.