Language: English / Russian (simultaneous translation provided), most educational materials are available in English only
The programme cost: 555 000 Rubles
Diploma: standard SKOLKOVO Diploma.

How to apply?

First of all, you have to complete the Application form, pay the application fee (50 Euros) and send us your CV. After that we will invite all candidates who successfully passed this admission step to the final interview.

SKOLKOVO Startup Academy Faculty and Mentors

  • Faculty and mentors


    Vice-President of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

    From 2001 to 2012 worked at the Council of Federation, where Mr. Zavadnikov has fought for the establishment of a competitive market economy in Russia. He takes part in social and educational activities and, in his spare time, participates in yachting competitions world-wide.



    Professor of Professional Practice in Negotiation Dynamics
    Moty Cristal is the founder of NEST Consulting group and the CEO of Negotiation Strategies LTD, a global consulting company which provides complex negotiations and crisis management training, consulting and operational support to senior executives in the corporate world and governments.


    ТИМКО ЕвгенийEvgeny TIMKO

    Investment Director of InVenture Partners
    Evgeny is the Investment Director of InVenture Partners, a US$100mm venture capital fund focusing on consumer internet and mobile technologies.




    Director of legal department and corporate development at RT-invest
    Alexey obtains more than twelve years’ of consulting and management experience in the investment companies. He also has sophisticated background in cross-border investment projects, including among others restructuring of businesses and M&A transactions with respect to large-scale assets in Russia, Ukraine, US and EU countries.


    ХОМИЧ МихаилMikhail KHOMITCH

    Development Director of MSU Business Incubator, Head of SKOLKOVO Mentoring association
    Mikhail's areas of expertise are entrepreneurship, management, marketing and team management.




    Dean of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
    Prior to the appointment to the position of Dean, Mr. Sharonov has been acting Deputy Mayor of Moscow for economic issues, headed the Economic policy and city development complex in the Moscow government.