About school

The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is the largest private business school in Russia established in 2006, when a number of Russian and international business leaders joined their effort to create a next generation business school. It was founded by 18 Russian and exterior companies and individuals, all of which are recognized industry leaders in their fields: oil and gas industry, metal industry, energy sector, investment, banking and insurance.

The school is operated through private-public partnership. Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, is the Chairman of the International Advisory Board for the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Notwithstanding, the school is funded solely by its commercial activities and private investment.

The business school’s approach to teaching is marked by the combination of world-class academic curriculum with abundant hands-on experience. The SKOLKOVO business school managed to develop a number of educational practices which are both unique in the Russian market and best suited for change leaders development. The range of academic programmes is tailored to the needs of those who are ready to meet market challenges and want to feel confident in the fast-changing reality of the global economy.

The SKOLKOVO business school’s community joins representatives of the largest Russian and foreign companies, medium and small businesses, and public authorities, who believe that entrepreneurial approach and pro-active attitude are the key to the successful development of Russian and global economies.

Learning by Doing

Learning by doing is the cornerstone of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO’s unique approach to business education. The programmes include theory modules, practical tasks, project work and international field trips.

The business school provides its students with the means to reach a comprehensive understanding of the current economic and political trends. The Founding partners, the International Advisory Board members and the representatives of the leading companies in a range of industries actively participate in the training process, both as lecturers and as mentors. The SKOLKOVO business school steadily develops its mentorship and business coaching programmes. Business executives, cultural figures and sport stars frequently come to the Campus to give their master classes.

The SKOLKOVO business school students not only gain access to the crucial academic knowledge and to Russian and international business cases, but also get the chance to apply the acquired skills to their own business project, which is integrated into the training process. Various workshops, business simulations, internships with Russian and foreign corporations, as well as specialized modules created in partnership with the world’s leading business schools, make up for an important part of the curriculum.

The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO strives to help its students in their projects and business ideas implementation, providing for a dialogue with potential investors. About 30% of the alumni start their businesses in the course of three years after graduation.

A Global Vision

The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO doesn’t limit itself to the territory of Russia. First and foremost, it pays a lot of attention to the studying of business activities in the countries with fast-growing economies, such as Russia, India, Brazil, or China (BRIC). The wide range of programmes is aimed at Russian and foreign participants who count on applying their leadership skills and professional knowledge to the new and dynamic markets. The teaching staff has always included world-renowned experts – resident and guest professors from Russia and abroad.

In the course of their education, SKOLKOVO students may opt to study at a number of international business schools located in South and North America, South Africa, Europe, East and Southeast Asia. The students are offered to take part in international joint consulting projects, to play a simulation game of managing a company in an international environment, or to choose from a number of highly tailored internship programmes.

Expertise Centre

Today the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is an expertise centre attracting those who stake on Russia and other emerging markets. The business school actively explores the current trends in global economic development. The SKOLKOVO business school – Ernst & Young Institute for Emerging Market Studies (SKOLKOVO IEMS), a joint effort between the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and Ernst & Young, pursues integrated research of managerial and economic issues in emerging markets. The SKOLKOVO Energy Centre (SEneC) seeks to facilitate a professional dialogue between business and authorities to work out a consistent approach to Russia’s fuel & energy complex. The SKOLKOVO Education Development Centre (SEDeC) specializes in developing new approaches and disseminating best managerial practices for education development in Russia and abroad.