The SKOLKOVO Business School and International Paper conducted an extreme module for MBA-6 students in Kamchatka

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Moscow, April 20, 2017. – The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and International Paper conducted a field MBA module under extreme conditions of the Kamchatka peninsula. 35 students of the programme participated in this module that can be considered unique for global business education. The group’s final challenge was led by Andrei Volkov, Academic Supervisor at the SKOLKOVO Business School, world-class master of sports in mountaineering, and a member of the expedition to the most dangerous mountain in the world—К2.

SKOLKOVO: The SKOLKOVO Business School and International Paper conducted an extreme module for MBA-6 students in Kamchatka

The main objective of this module is to give the participants an opportunity to examine their leadership qualities and develop skills in teamwork under uncertainty, which is necessary for any modern leader. During their educational expedition to Kamchatka, the participants could reassess experience and knowledge gained in the course of the MBA programme, and test their abilities under difficult climatic conditions.

The exploration of Kamchatka consisted of three stages: immersion, challenges, and reflection. During six days of the module, the students explored Mutnovsky volcano, conquered Vilyuchinsk pass, travelled tens of kilometres on snowmobiles and even slept in snow-covered mountains. The third stage of the module was fully devoted to the analysis of the challenges faced by the participants when they climbed Kamchatka mountains and built relations within the team. Andrei Volkov helped the participants understand how to become an engaged team player and an effective leader. Volkov, an experienced athlete and teacher, was with the team at all stages of the Kamchatka expedition, sharing knowledge and his personal experience of conquering peaks both in wild nature and in unpredictable business environment.

The students were also accompanied by Maxim Feldman, Head of the MBA and EMBA Programmes Division and Private Customers Division, and Nadezhda Agapova, Head of Admission and Individual and Career Development of Students and a professional coach. Vera Orlova was the manager of the programme.

Keith Townsend, President of International Paper Russia: “International Paper’s mission is to improve people’s lives, the state of the planet and the company’s results by transforming renewable resources into the products people use every day. We give special attention to the development of Russia’s future business leaders. Our vision in this aspect is entirely congruent with that of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. We hope that the MBA students’ unique experience in Kamchatka will help them solidify knowledge gained in the course of their studies and will give them invaluable skills in teamwork and leadership under difficult conditions, which is a prerequisite for going into the world of business.”

Andrei Volkov, Academic Supervisor of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, the first Dean: “The goal of the final MBA module in Kamchatka is to reassess experience and knowledge, reflect on the whole programme, sum it all up and, most importantly, realise your own limits and leadership potential. If you want to lead your team effectively and stay strong under the weight of misfortunes and challenges, it is necessary to put yourself in difficult situations from time to time to develop endurance and leadership skills. The Kamchatka module has allowed students to examine their own abilities and to map out their future prospects in management.”

Maxim Feldman, Head of the MBA and EMBA Programmes Division and Private Customers Division: “For managers and entrepreneurs, leadership means being able to use all your knowledge and skills while working in a team and stepping out of your comfort zone. Our MBA students got this chance in Kamchatka. During our six days amid mountains and snow, we could practice introspection under uncertainty and learn what it means to be the second or the third one in the team and lend shoulder to your mate, or to be the first one and lead others. The final module in Kamchatka was a unique experience that enriched everyone on the team. International Paper has given the MBA students a unique gift by introducing them to the Kamchatka Territory and providing with an opportunity to once again realise the importance of living in harmony with the environment.”

International Paper has participated in the development of the SKOLKOVO MBA field module in Kamchatka for two consecutive years. As a partner of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO since 2010, the company provides comprehensive support for the school’s initiatives in three key areas: talent development and MBA programme support, strategic leadership, and sustainable development. International Paper has traditionally supported SKOLKOVO’s flagship MBA programme.

The Kamchatka module was the last phase in the education of the sixth group under the MBA programme. The ceremony of awarding diplomas to MBA-6 students will be held at the 4th Annual Alumni Convention on May 27.

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