SKOLKOVO case study on monocities is a winner of the 2018 EFMD Excellence in Practice

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Moscow, May 16, 2018. – "Monocities: A Long Journey of Transformation" case study became winner of the prestigious case studies award 2018 EFMD Excellence in Practice in the special Ecosystem Development category. It is the first time when educational programme of a Russian business school is awarded gold medal in the competition between the most prestigious global educational institutions.

SKOLKOVO: SKOLKOVO case study on monocities is a winner of the 2018 EFMD Excellence in Practice

Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO jointly with the Monocities Development Fund implemented a large-scale educational programme for the management teams of all monocities. Upon the completion of the two-year programme, each city developed its own plan to improve the economic situation and entrepreneurial environment.

Trainings were held by the leading professors and experts in monocities development, practitioners with successful experience of monocities development project implementation. Furthermore, the faculty for the management teams included the representatives of federal executive authorities, members of the monocities upgrade task force team of the Government Commission for Economic Development and Integration, representatives of government corporations, industrial companies, specialists in investment, municipal law, and city economy development.

"Monocities: A Long Journey of Transformation" case study describes the way management teams created and worked, the initiatives taken to re-assembly the economy in cities with a total population of 15 million people, the solutions found to attract investors, and the success with the creation and development of 100 active projects. The case was authored by Irina Mironova and Konstantin Nasonov, researchers from Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

"The monocities development programme aims at comprehensive transformation of single-industry areas. We focus not only on the creation of new jobs but on landscaping, education, and sports. It is impossible to attain the Programme goal single-handedly: we need a strong team. The “mono” team training case bridges the interests of the state, backbone enterprise, and business. Each team member must have a role and all tasks must be handled together. This approach has unified 319 teams, we are a family now, we are 1,500 people who can do their work in the most efficient way, share experience, and implement own projects independently. The monocities case can easily form a basis for the development of other cities in the country since monocities represent the "small Russia" and their development is an example to others. I would like to thank the monocities teams, SKOLKOVO and in particular Andrey Sharonov, President of the School of Management, for attentive and thoughtful development of a training programme," says Irina Makieva, Deputy Chairperson of Vnesheconombank, Leader of the “Integrated Development of Monocities” Priority Programme.

Ilya Krivogov, General Director of the Monocities Development Fund, commented, "Training of the teams managing monocities development projects is the only educational programme which is part of the priority initiative of the Russian Government and has proven highly efficient."

The panel of the EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards annually chooses the best cases of business schools and corporate universities. The award to the "Monocities: A Long Journey of Transformation" case is the fourth one received over the long-term cooperation between the School and EFMD Association.

  • A case study written under the Management of Technological Innovations programme jointly implemented by SKOLKOVO and Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation received a silver medal in the Organisational Development category of 2016 EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards.
  • The "Unilever Production Cluster in Tula: Zero Non-Hazardous Waste to Landfill in Ten Months" case study was awarded the first prize in the Sustainable Production Systems category of 2016 EFMD Case Writing Competition.
  • “Strategy for Creation and Development of Endowment Funds” case study based on the results of a joint programme by the SKOLKOVO Business School and Vladimir Potanin Foundation became one of the finalists in the Ecosystem Development category at the 2017 EFMD Excellence in Practice international awards.

The full list of winners of the 2018 EFMD Excellence in Practice is on the EFMD website.

EFMD is the international association for the accreditation of European business schools and corporate universities. The main goal of EFMD is to settle any issues related to business education, assist with the development of educational institutions, and set business education quality standards by creating a single rating system for the European educational market. EFMD has been in the market for over 30 years and has incorporated more than 900 institutions in 86 countries. The cooperation between Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and EFMD started in 2009 and in the spring of 2017 the business school was awarded the status of a full-fledged member.

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