An Arсtic Course: The strategic development of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU)


To establish of a team of managers responsible for the development and realisation of the university’s strategic development projects with the necessary skills and competencies to implement changes within the university, consistent with the Northern (Arctic) Federal University’s Development Programme.


  • To develop the strategic vision of programme participants with regard to the Northern (Arctic) Federal University’s development
  • To formulate a common understanding of the aims, objectives and challenges facing the university in its current stage of development
  • To become acquainted with progressive approaches to development in the university education sector
  • To become familiar with best practices in the management of modern universities in the Russian Federation and internationally, and to define working standards. To classify the personal experience of programme participants
  • To develop a package of strategic projects, ready to be implemented, consistent with the Northern (Arctic) Federal University’s Development Programme
  • To master project management skills and technologies
  • To formulate common values and establish effective cooperation and teamwork between programme participants


Thanks to the programme, the Northern (Artic) Federal University established a team of managers with up-to-date perceptions of the university, a common understanding of its development strategy and with the necessary skills and competencies to implement the changes necessary to enable NArFU to become recognised as a leading international Arctic university. The implementation of projects developed by participants during the programme into NArFU’s working practices proved a measurable indicator of the programme’s success.

Programme dates

November 2011 – June 2012

Course Modules

  • 14-18 November 2011
    Module 1: Russia's educational development agenda. A contemporary model for institutions of higher education

  • 23-27 January 2012
    Module 2: Better practices for the development of universities. NArFU's strategy

  • 27 February – 2 March 2012
    Module 3: The Arctic course: forming NArFU's competitive advantage

  • 2-6 April 2012
    Module 4: The modernisation of core processes: education, research, innovation

  • 28 May – 2 June 2012
    Module 5: Cooperation and partnership. International collaboration

  • 2-6 July 2012
    Module 6: Managing change within the university

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