Joint Project with ILO

An international programme to strengthen TVET systems and labour markets in the CIS, Asia and the Middle East under the cooperation of Russian Federation and the ILO. Stage 2


Development of effective support mechanisms and training systems for modern workforce in accordance with the needs of innovative development of economies and strengthening the interrelationship of vocational training systems with export growth, expansion of economic diversification and creation of sufficient jobs.

Country - beneficiaries

Armenia, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Vietnam, and 5 regions of Russian Federation – Amur region, Arkhangelsk region, Khabarovsky region, Krasnoyarsk region and Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).


  • Implementation of Skills Technology Foresight (STF) methodology, developed during the I Phase of the Program in five regions of Russian Federation to create development road maps for the key regional economic sectors followed by modernization of educational programs with the participation of employers, representatives of authorities and TVET institutions;
  • Development and implementation of a modular retraining program for TVET directors in five Russian regions aiming to train regional management teams qualified to apply leading management practices and mechanisms for interaction with employers;
  • Implementation of STF methodology for improving skills development systems and training programs for priority sectors in recipient countries;
  • Integration of the tool developed within the framework of Phase I of the Program - the computer simulator «Managing TVET Institution» in the national retraining programs for TVET management teams in recipient countries enabling to deliver training in line with demand from economic sectors and individual training needs of managers.



Руководство по применению технологического форсайта для определения будущих потребностей в компетенциях (PDF)

МОТ – Группа двадцати: стратегия в области профессиональной подготовки кадров (PDF)

Using technology foresight for identifying future skills needs (PDF)

Применение технологических форсайтов для определения будущих потребностей в компетенциях (PDF)

Skills Technology Foresight Guide (PDF)

Participants about the program

The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is implementing an educational program for managers of TVET institutions in Khabarovsk region - «Managing the changes in the TVET system to strengthen regional economy». The key goal of the program is to prepare change-management leaders in the system of secondary education that can implement effective organizational strategies and create modern educational programs.

The educational program was developed by the SKOLKOVO Education Development Center. The key partner organization in Khabarovsk is the Khabarovsk Regional Institute for the Development of Vocational Education.


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Module 4