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More about SIEMS

About the SKOLKOVO Institute for Emerging Market Studies (SIEMS)

We conduct cutting-edge research and provide advisory services focused on the strategic issues of globalisation, innovation, institutional development, the phenomenon of soft power and sustainable development. We are experts in applying strategic futures thinking methods and scenario planning to the challenges faced by policymakers and businesspeople in emerging markets.


To promote the full-scale and fair integration of Russia into the global economy by helping the international business community better understand Russia as a market and as a global player and by supporting the development of Russia’s capacity to attract investors and access international markets.


Since 2008, we have produced over 50 research briefs on the economic, financial, strategic, and operational issues impacting the policies and businesses of Russia and fast moving markets around the world. Our team of experts have conducted numerous consulting projects for both public and private sector organisations, published SIEMS research in top-tier academics journals and written a top-ranked management book identifying the traits of successful breakout firms in the BRICS.

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About SEneC

SKOLKOVO Energy Centre (SEneC), headed by Grigory Vygon, was opened at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO in 2011.

Mission:conducting research and analysis of relevant problems in the energy sphere emphasizing the Russian energy production problems in order to build a professional dialogue between business and authorities representatives for them to work out a consistent approach concerning Fuel & Energy Complex.     

Development perspective up to 2013: Creation of an independent platform for permanent qualified and evidence-based dialogue between authorities and business.

Core research subjects:

  • Economic stimulation of new accumulation mining and raise in oil and gas recovery factor of the already functioning accumulations
  • Strategy of the Russian continental shelf exploration and mining
  • Economic aspects of oil refinery modifying and energy efficiency stimulation issues
  • Global oil and gas production and consumption trends
  • Scenarios of the gas demand according to economic activity kinds
  • Assessment of gas saving potential in Russia and stipulations of its realization
  • Methodology of the oil and gas transportation rate defining
  • World trends of hydrocarbon price formation, processing margin

Research philosophy:

  • Search for the objective initial information and representativity of the collected results 
  • Organization of an open dialogue between business and authorities, elaboration of offers acceptable both for the oil-and-gas branch and the government
  • Discussion of problems connected with the presence of Russian utility products on the world markets
  • Search for optional directions of the state export policy optimization as well as for tools of oil-and-gas projects economic stimulation
  • Multifaceted and interdisciplinary approach
  • Progressive research concerning new and relevant issues including broad conclusions
  • Open research on the international cooperation basis
  • Scientific research with practical value

Grigory Vygon, Director, SEneC

Grigory has been working for more than 15 years in sphere of economics of the oil and gas industry. Since 2008, prior to joining the SKOLKOVO team, he headed the Department of Economics and Finance at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation. From 2006 to 2008 he worked as a Lead Economist of OAO TNK-BP Management. For more than five years he also worked at the Financial Research Institute. Grigory Vygon graduated with honor from the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute and accomplished postgraduate studies at the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2000. Ph. D. Economics.

Contact information:

Novaya ul. 100, Skolkovo village, Odintsovsky District, Moscow Region, +7 495 580 30 03


More about SEDeC

About SKOLKOVO Education Development Center (SEDeC)

SKOLKOVO Education Development Center, headed by Denis Konanchuk, was founded in May 2011.

Our Goal: to develop new approaches and disseminate best managerial practices for Education development in Russia and abroad.

Core activities:

  • problem-driven research resulting in unique insights / tools for tertiary education development;
  • policy advice on human-resources development for Russian corporations and industries to promote sustainable growth and new market opportunities;
  • executive education programs and strategy development sessions for university management teams.

Research & Development philosophy:

  • practice-oriented approach: develop practical tools and solutions to respond corporate and government needs in the field of education and human-resources development;
  • public discussion of the problems related to educational process and new educational technologies and their influence on the modern society;
  • use of the leading international practice and it’s adaptation to Russian reality.

For the last 2 years SEDeC specialists have contributed to strategy development of the leading Russian universities, including Urals Federal university in Yekaterinburg, Northern (Arctic) Federal university in Arkhangelsk and Olympic University in Sochi.

In 2012-2013 SEDeC team is conducting educational program for the senior managers of the Russian universities, which was designed under the umbrella of Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation. The aim of the program is to establish a network community of university managers, implementing a range of breakthrough projects aimed to create new educational landscape in Russia.

Also in partnership with the International Labour Organization SEDeC works on the international study and policy advice to increase interaction of labour markets and training and vocational education systems in Russia and five developing countries. Results of the project are to be presented at G20 Summit in 2013.

More about SWTC

SKOLKOVO Wealth Transformation Centre (SWTC)

The Centre seeks to support entrepreneurship in Russia through creating and developing legal and educational infrastructure.

Its key areas of activity include:

  • Asset Management
  • Continuity
  • Charity

The Centre offers educational programmes, conducts studies, holds events and works with regulators on issues of continuity ​​and on the introduction of new tools for public charity.