VI Annual SKOLKOVO Alumni Convention: Day of Study, 300 Diplomas, and First Graduates of Master in Public Strategy and Executive Coaching Programmes

Tuesday, 04 June 2019

Moscow, June 4, 2019. - On May 31 and June 1, 2019, the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO held the VI Alumni Convention, an annual event for graduates of all the programmes of all the years since its foundation. The Convention was attended by more than 600 guests. 300 new alumni joined the SKOLKOVO Community. For the first time in the history of the School, diplomas were awarded to Master in Public Strategy and Executive Coaching programme participants.

SKOLKOVO: VI Annual SKOLKOVO Alumni Convention: Day of Study, 300 Diplomas, and First Graduates of Master in Public Strategy and Executive Coaching Programmes

The Convention programme was designed for two days: Friday was a day of study, while Saturday was devoted to networking, sports, and alumni’s achievements.



The most significant events of the Convention included:

  • discussions, workshops, industry dialogues—more than 25 activities organised by the Business School professors, practitioners, and alumni;
  • Speakers Night with Alexei Yagudin, a famous Russian figure skater;
  • graduation ceremony;
  • talk shows and SKOLKOVO Alumni Awards ceremony with Andrei Sharonov and Natalya Barshchevskaya, an alumna of the first SKOLKOVO Executive MBA programme;

Life Long Learning for Alumni

It was the first time when all educational activities were concentrated in one day of the Convention. On May 31, more than 200 alumni decided to come to the classrooms as students again.

Andrei Sharonov, President of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, welcomed the alumni:
“I am very happy to see all of you here, at the VI SKOLKOVO Alumni Convention. This year, the first graduates of two new programmes— Master in Public Strategy and Executive Coaching—will receive their diplomas. This speaks to the fact that the Business School continues to grow, is interesting to people, and offers educational projects to various target groups. I congratulate all the graduates from the bottom of my heart! I am confident that you have new projects and new discoveries ahead of you, and I hope you will come back to SKOLKOVO to participate in new meetings and programmes.”

The day continued with a lecture delivered by Yuri Deygin from Youthereum Genetics, Stanislav Skakun from Biodata Group, and Alexei Moskalev, the author of more than 60 publications in the field of ageing genetics. Afterwards, during the Live 150+ panel discussion, doctors and nutritionists told the audience about the longevity innovations.

Valentin Marchenko, a representative of the SKOLKOVO China Unit, gave advice on how to enter the Chinese market and explained the meaning of an innovation ecosystem. Later, the delegation of the Jinan City Government gave a detailed talk on the business opportunities for Russian entrepreneurs in China. Artem Azevich, a representative of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF), presented an analysis of IT business cases about rapid entry of companies to foreign markets.

The leaders of the SKOLKOVO research centres dispelled some common myths about investment and taught those present how to invest competently. The Investors Club of the SKOLKOVO Business School, together with Vitaly Polekhin, President of the National Business Angels Association, Alexey Goryachev, an investment banker and business angel, and Mikhail Broitman, a co-founder of Vardanyan, Broitman & Partners LLC, made an investment assessment of the projects. Elena Vitchak and Andrei Shishakov, SKOLKOVO professors, spoke about various aspects of business and personal growth. Svetlana Mironyuk, Professor of Business Practice, shared her valuable experience on how to build a career path these days through business education. Viktor Shkipin, Professor of Business Practice, and Alex Mikerov from Total Nutz conducted a workshop teaching how to break the moulds in creative work.

Alexander Voloshin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, together with Marat Atnashev, its Dean, had a meeting with alumni where they spoke about cooperation between business and the government. Sergei Gradirovskiy, Academic Director of the Master in Public Strategy programme, talked to the programme graduates as well as finalists and winners of the Leaders of Russia contest about the strategy of national and social development.

SKOLKOVO alumni organised an impressive number of activities. They talked about the interrelationship between business and law, the secrets of success of business dynasties, discussed the topic of sustainable development and responsible consumption, and argued about how to make correct decisions in difficult situations.

The SKOLKOVO Club of Independent Directors held a panel discussion titled “Responsibility of Directors, Shareholders, and Beneficiaries: New Russian Realities”. Grigory Sverdlin from Nochlezhka told the audience about the influence of behavioural economics on an individual, while Anton Khodarev, Adviser at Agrokom Group, a SKOLKOVO EMBA alumnus, shared his secrets of achieving success in tough negotiations.

During the Alumni Talks event, SKOLKOVO graduates briefly presented themselves and answered questions. Four mentor sessions from Ruben Vardanyan were awarded.

The Speakers Nights with Alexei Yagudin, a famous Russian figure skater, Olympic champion and Honoured Master of Sports of Russia, finished the formal part of the day. The recording of the meeting is available on the SKOLKOVO Business School’s page on Facebook.

New Members of the SKOLKOVO Alumni Community

This year’s graduation ceremony, held as part of the Convention, was the largest of all similar events in the history of the Business School in terms of the number of participants—300 people joined the SKOLKOVO Alumni Community. Now, one of the country’s most active business communities consists of 2,200 members. It was the first time when diplomas were awarded to Master in Public Strategy and Executive Coaching programme participants. Andrei Sharonov, President of the SKOLKOVO Business School, was among the graduates of the Executive Coaching programme.

A traditional welcoming speech was made by Viktor Semenov, Chairman of Belaya Dacha Group Supervisory Board:
“I would like to congratulate you all on the completion of a stressful but very important stage of your life. Not only did you make the effort to come to the business school but also came off with flying colours. With the passing of the years, you will come to understand that it is not only a wealth of knowledge but also friendships, contacts, and partnerships you have picked up from the studies. But the most important thing is that you should try to do everything with love if you want to be truly successful, because even justice is unjust without love. You should love what you do, the people you work with, the land you work on. I know that you will all succeed in everything you lay your hands to!”

SKOLKOVO Alumni Awards

The evening festivities of June 1 continued with presentation of the SKOLKOVO Alumni Awards, a traditional event where the Business School alumni celebrate the achievements of their colleagues. The winners of the year 2019 included:

  • Alexey Nekhaev and Artem Ginevsky, in the #LifeLongLearning category;
  • Maria Vasilkova, Vice-President of SEGEZHA GROUP, in the Career of the Year category;
  • Evgeny Nifantyev, NEOPHARM Group, and Yana Pryanikova, DIVO ALTAYA, in the Own Business category;
  • Dmitry Shmatkov, FRIENDS CUP, and Edgar Polkin, Alumni Union, in the Together We Are Stronger category;
  • Guli Bazarova with the SKOLKOVO Women Association and Yuri Mitin with the SKOLKOVO Sailing Club Association in the Club of the Year category;
  • Aleksei Shubaev, AgroDokhod, in the Startup of the Year category;
  • Patrons Club in the Mentor of the Year category;
  • Dana Kosyak, ArgoNautic Surf-Station (a school of surfing in Batumi), in the Junior of the Year category;
  • Daria Alekseeva, Charity Shop, Irina Nikolskaya, POP UP MUSEUM, and Yuri Belonoshchenko, Kid Friendly, in the Social Project of the Year category;
  • Tatiana Sokolova with the project for development of Torzhok, in the Philanthropist of the Year category;
  • Tatyana Gorokhovskaya, Siberian Wellness, and Andrei Shelomentsev, WayRay, in the International Breakthrough of the Year category;
  • Guli Bazarova, in the Ambassador of the Year category.

We express our gratitude to EY and personally to Alexander Ivlev for participating in the jury panel of the SKOLKOVO Alumni Awards and also for the special prize for the winner in the Startup of the Year category.

The winners of the SKOLKOVO Alumni Awards were presented with prizes and gifts:

  • coaching from the Executive Coaching alumni;
  • tickets for participation in Atlanty Russian Business Forum;
  • certificates from Romanov Dvor Business Centre;
  • a training course in creating presentations from Bonnie & Slide Presentations Academy;
  • tickets to Bosco Fresh Fest 2019 from Bosco di Ciliegi;
  • sets of cosmetics from Siberian Wellness;
  • certificates from Green Flow Hotel;
  • beautiful gifts from Cartier Jewellery House.

The partners and sponsors of the Convention also included MasterСard international payment system, BDO Audit and Consulting Group, Internet Initiatives Development Foundation (IIDF), Marie Claire magazine, Organika Health Products, and PRO TRENER Fitness Club of the SKOLKOVO Business School.

The Business School thanks Alun Chatbot for organising the AMBASSADORS PRE PARTY.

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