MBA-3, EMBA-4 and Startup Academy-2 graduation took place at SKOLKOVO business school

Friday, 21 December 2012

Moscow, December 21, 2012. – On December 20 the graduation of the SKOLKOVO MBA-3, EMBA-4 and Startup Academy-2 classes took place on the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO Campus. The event was held under the motto, “The world will not end!” At the SKOLKOVO business school despite Maya’s predictions they are sure that any end means just the beginning of something new.

SKOLKOVO: MBA-3, EMBA-4 and Startup Academy-2 graduation took place at SKOLKOVO business schoolThe evening started with the official ceremony where the Founding partners, graduates, students, guests and employees of the SKOLKOVO business school gathered together. Andrei Rappoport, President of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, and Andrei Volkov, Dean of the business school, were the first to congratulate the MBA-3,EMBA-4 and Startup Academy-2 graduates on the completion of such a significant life stage. They wished them to be daring in all their future beginnings, never stop on their way to success and stay connected with the SKOLKOVO community where they can always count on support.

The ceremony continued with the presentation of the graduated who had distinguished themselves during the study. The winners of the following nominations got their awards right from the Founding partners and graduates of previous years: the most creative, the most social aware, the most entrepreneurial and those with the highest GPA in both classes.

Having received the long-expected diplomas from Andrei Rappoport and Andrei Volkov, the MBA-2 and EMBA-3 graduates devoted lots of grateful words to the SKOLKOVO business school Founding partners and faculty.

As the solemn part was finished graduates and guests, having found themselves on a real Maya island, continued to celebrate the approaching of a new era – their personal as well as the one in the mankind’s history – in an informal atmosphere. Stirring Latin American music, a prediction lottery on the Maya calendar and spicy snacks.

The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO congratulates the SKOLOKOVO MBA-3, Executive MBA-4 and Startup Academy-2 graduates with successful programme completion and wish them to implement all their ideas and initiatives!

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