Back to school, or start of the third SKOLKOVO MBA class

Wednesday, 07 September 2011

Moscow, September 7, 2011. — Early September is one of the most important periods in the life of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Traditionally, this is the period when a new MBA Programme class starts. And today, while the second enrolment students are working on their corporate projects in the United States of America, the SKOLKOVO Campus meets its new residents.

SKOLKOVO: Back to school, or start of the third SKOLKOVO MBA classSKOLKOVO MBA 2011–2012 is a group of 24 students representing 12 countries of the world, professionals in various areas of expertise, united by entrepreneurial spirit and strong leadership skills.

The third SKOLKOVO MBA class is truly international: exactly half of the group is represented by foreigners from Peru, Spain, Belgium, the UK, Egypt, Greece, France, Germany, India, China, and Kazakhstan. Russian students have come to SKOLKOVO from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Volgograd, Grozny, Kaluga, Samara, and Novokuznetsk.

The average age of the students is 29 years. Approximately 21% of students are business owners.

While in the first two weeks at SKOLKOVO the students were mainly getting to know each other, the school and the Campus life, and adapting to the new environment, this week the group is settling down to real academic studies. The students are supposed to meet with leadership professor Pierre Casse, plunge into macroeconomics depths with Konstantin Styrin, and study marketing and decision-making under the guidance of Willem Burgers and Philippe Delquie, respectively. Academic studies will be reinforced by meetings with experts in various business areas.

Stepan Kolesnichenko, SKOLKOVO MBA student, comments: ‘I was looking for a school which could help me achieve greater success, give me an impetus to create my own business and provide me with the necessary knowledge to manage it. When I met my classmates, I realized I was not alone. It is very important to perceive yourself as a part of a group of people who differ greatly from each other, being unique individuals. The group is rather small, but after the two orientation weeks you come to understand that such a small number of participants is the result of very strict entry requirements, and in the coming 16 months we are going to raise the bar even higher. The most challenging period is underway and it is time to wish good luck to all of us!’






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