SKOLKOVO, TransCreditBank, and Mercedes-Benz: Moscow-Vladivostok-Moscow!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Moscow, July 21, 2011. — The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, TransCreditBank, and Mercedes-Benz announce the completion of the TransMISSION–REGION project created by SKOLKOVO’s Executive MBA graduates.

SKOLKOVO, TransCreditBank, and Mercedes-Benz: Moscow-Vladivostok-Moscow!On July 2, a convoy of cars full of SKOLKOVO graduates left from the Campus of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Two weeks later, on July 16, they reached their destination—Vladivostok.

The road rally included 11 cities, approximately 10,000 kilometres, and 4 ‘round tables.’
Participants in the rally set out to draw public attention to issues of regional development and the integral role that infrastructure plays in the economy, both regionally and throughout the country. In Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk, and Vladivostok, SKOLKOVO’s graduates took part in ‘round tables’ that focused on the modernisation of Russian infrastructure—respectively its social, airport, road, and port infrastructure.

Representatives of local government bodies and the management of leading companies took an active part in the discussions that were held. These representatives included leading experts in each industry, as well as experts from TransCreditBank (the project’s sole partner) and Mercedes-Benz (the official car of the road rally).

During these open exchanges, the participants analysed the immediate and long-term future of each of these specific types of infrastructure and determined the conditions needed to ensure their ongoing dynamic and progressive development. Both the ideas that were developed in the course of the discussions, as well as the suggestions for further action, were stated in resolutions, which will soon be forwarded to the relevant government agencies.

The final ‘round table’ was held on July 18 in Vladivostok, and it was preceded by a symbolic event. A ceremonial ribbon-cutting was held on the platform of the city’s main railway station to commemorate the end of the SKOLKOVO graduates’ two-week journey. The railway platform is located near the marker showing the end of the 9,288-kilometre Great Trans-Siberian Railway.
Five Mercedes-Benz automobiles—the ML, GLK, and E-Class—were provided by Mercedes-Benz RUS and became full-fledged participants in the road rally. The cars offered an exceptional ride on different roads. And, as Alexey Kharitontsev, one of the Executive MBA graduates, said after landing in Moscow, ‘We got so used to the cars during those two weeks that it felt very strange to fly. We’d do it again!’


The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is a joint project of Russian and international business representatives, who joined their efforts to create a new-generation business school from scratch. Focusing on practical knowledge, the Moscow School of Management dedicates itself to training leaders, who intend to implement their professional knowledge in the conditions of rapidly developing markets. SKOLKOVO is defined by: leadership and business entrepreneurship, a focus on rapidly developing markets, and an innovative approach towards educational methods.
The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO project was established by the governmental-private partnership within the framework of the Education Foreground National Project. The project is financed by private investors, and doesn’t use governmental budget recourses. The President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev is Chairman of the SKOLKOVO International Advisory Board.
Since 2006 SKOLKOVO conducts short educational Executive Education programmes for top and medium-level managers – open programmes and specialized, integrated modules based on the client requests. SKOLKOVO launched the Executive МВА programme in January 2009, and the first class of the international Full-time MBA programme - in September 2009..

Mercedes Benz RUS ZAO, the subsidiary of Daimler AG has been conducting its successful business in Russia for already 15 years by extension of its dealer enterprises and investments to development of its own retail network. Since 2002 it has been the exclusive importer of Mercedes-Benz brand (passenger cars, off-roads and vans) and Maybach in Russia.
By turnover Mercedes-Benz Russia is among 100 biggest companies in Russia and is in top-3 biggest German companies on the Russian market. Together with our dealerships we make up the workforce of 3,500 employees throughout the Russian Federation.
In addition to its successful business activities in the Russian market, Mercedes-Benz Russia has consistently implemented its policies of corporate social responsibility in Russia. Contributing to the improvement of social causes has been, and continues to be, one of the most important principles of the company’s activities in Russia.

ОАО «ТрансКредитБанк» (www.tс основано в 1992 году. Банк входит в ТОП-15 российских банков по активам и предлагает корпоративным и розничным клиентам полный спектр банковских услуг. Широкая филиальная сеть ТрансКредитБанка насчитывает порядка 300 офисов более чем в 190 городах России (на 1 октября 2010). Контролирующий акционер ТрансКредитБанка – ОАО "Российские железные дороги", которому принадлежит 54,4% акций. Банку присвоены долгосрочные кредитные рейтинги Moody’s (Ba1/Стабильный) и Standard & Poor’s (BB/Стабильный). Активы ТрансКредитБанка по состоянию на 1.01.2011 составили 390,9 млрд руб., кредитный портфель – 215,8 млрд руб., прибыль – 7,5 млрд руб.

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