Moty Cristal Presentation

Moscow, February 22, 2011. - In January 2011 Moty Cristal, Founder and CEO, Nest Consulting Negotiation Strategies has conducted a Negotiation Dynamics course for Executive MBA students. Nest Consulting was established in 2003 by Attorney Moty Cristal, who served in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Defense in various official positions on the Israeli negotiation teams with Jordan and the Palestinians. Mr. Cristal lectures graduate students in International Negotiation and Crisis Management at both Tel Aviv University and The Lauder School of Government at the Inter-Disciplinary Center (IDC), Hertzlia.

At the end of April 2011 Moty Cristal will conduct the open programme on Advanced Negotiation Thinking at SKOLKOVO Campus.

Today we offer you a small video-presentation about Moty Cristal. 

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